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Donald Trump Drops Out Of Race After Latest Polls Show Him 70 Points Behind



Donald Trump has announced that he has officially dropped from the presidential race, conceding to Hillary Clinton only a few short weeks before the November 8th election date.

According to campaign staffers, the latest poll numbers after all 3 debates were completed showed Trump a staggering 70 points behind. Some polls even showed him closer to 80.

“It is with a yuge regret that I have to announce that I am backing out of the campaign,” said Donald Trump. “I know that I have many, many supporters, and I appreciate all that everyone has done. I’ve had a hell of a run, but there is no coming back from this. Blunders or not, the polls do not, and have never, lied. It’s time to end it all.”

Trump says that he was always unsure of being president, even as he was running, because it would leave a “major hole” in his $4B a year business, that he currently personally manages.

“I could never leave my business fully, because someone else would have to run it, and no one else could do what I do,” said Trump. “It was always in the back of my mind that I may have to give this up. Now that the numbers are appearing, it’s time to stop the bleeding and get back to what I’m good at, which is making money.”

Hillary Clinton will finish the race unopposed, but that does leave the door wide open for voters to write-in a third party candidate. With Trump out of the race, it’s fairly well Clinton’s to win.

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600,000 People Show Up In Support of Donald Trump In Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, California – 

Donald Trump has scored the biggest and best turnout of any candidate in the history of the presidency, when over 600,000 people showed up in support of the Republican during a recent stop in Los Angeles, California.

Trump, who has long been leading the republican ticket and is more than likely going to receive his party’s nomination towards the general election, visited the state last week, at a rally that was only expected to have a turnout of around 18,000 people.

“Somewhere along the line, Trump supporters started coming together. We had people driving in from 3 or 4 states away, packing cars, and coming together. They just wanted to be here,” said Trump campaign manager Kyle Carson. “It brought tears to me eyes that so many people were here to listen to what Donald Trump had to say.”

The candidate says that he is not surprised, although is extremely overjoyed, that as many people showed as they did.

“My message is being heard loud and clear by the American people, and that message is that we want to make America great again,” said Trump. “They are slowly coming around, because they, too, want to be great. They miss the times when it was, and we are working to get it back.”

The previous record for a crowd of people gathering to hear a candidate was for President Obama in 2008, when he had 80,000 people show up for a speech in Chicago, Illinois.

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Donald Trump Says That ‘Trannies Don’t Need To Use Public Bathrooms’



After a wildly public debate about transgender bathroom laws breaking out all over the country, Donald Trump has apparently chimed in on the issue after hearing about a recent boycott of Target, who are allowing people to use whichever bathroom they choose based on how they self-identify.

“Trannies don’t need to use the bathroom in Target, in public, or anywhere other than their own home,” said Trump to a gaggle of supporters. “If a man wants to use the women’s bathroom, then whatever. I’ve had to run into the women’s room when the men’s was filled. What are you going to do? But some nasty halfie, some man in a dress, pretending to be a woman? That’s disgusting, and should definitely not be allowed.”

Naturally, the LGBTQ community reacted in outrage do Trump’s comments, despite it not being even slightly out of the ordinary that he would believe something like that. A new trending topic on Twitter, #BoycottTrump, replaced the previous #BoycottTarget within an hour.

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‘National Enquirer’ Investigation Into Ted Cruz Turns Up Donald Trump Affair Secrets


ATLANTA, Georgia – 

National Enquirer has been making serious news the last few weeks, after the magazine published information saying that they were investigation presidential candidate Ted Cruz for having an affair – with five different women.

Now, the magazine is saying that in their investigation, they’ve also turned up information about another affair – one perpetrated by another republican candidate, Donald Trump. The magazine is currently not revealing their sources, but say they “stand by” the information as “100% accurate.”

“We are treating the identities of Trump’s mistresses with the utmost respect and care, and are only referring to them under pseudonyms,” said Enquirer publisher Mark Hayes. “In our newly published article, we receive quotes from several women who claim Donald has had secret affairs with them, including ‘Shmosie O’Shmonell’ and ‘Shmegan Shmelley.’ There is also at least one man, who we are referring to only as ‘Shmis Shmisty.'”

According to the Donald Trump campaign, the candidate is completely refuting all information that he has ever had an affair.

“I’ve been married countless times, and they’ve all failed horribly,” said Trump. “I can honestly say, though, that not a single divorce was on a count of infidelity. If there’s one thing that I can be counted on for, it’s staying faithful in my marriages. These claims are extremely and utterly false.”

There have been rumors that the original article, claiming that Ted Cruz had at least 5 mistresses, was fabricated by Donald Trump himself, as he has close ties to the magazine. Representatives for the Enquirer will not reveal the source of either article, but do say that it’s now “fairly obvious” that they have no allegiance to either candidate.