Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 18, 2021

According to Chinese and US claims, China has a high-orbit, hypersonic missile that can hit a target within 24 miles. And, that’s why China is the new boss of the world and everyone else should hate America. The end.

But, that’s not the end in the mind of Taiwan or the US Pentagon. This week, Taiwan asked the Pentagon to speed up its delivery of 22 F-16s. They were expected around 2029, but Taiwan claims China could invade by 2025. China may not agree to wait until 2025, especially since the new Communist hypersonic missile has been tested and even written about in the Global Times. All we need is a Global Times article to announce that China is strong enough to invade Taiwan at anytime, then the People’s Liberation Army would be fully prepared to show Confucian Communist love to the whole world.

Trade & Tech

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Taiwan should reduce its trade dependency on China: ROCCOC // Focus Taiwan


Encore of Revival: America, October 18, 2021

America faces a deeper issue that whether vaccines can be mandated. We face a conflict between the Federal and State governments. The 10th Amendment is at stake. Mandating vaccines is not outlined in the Constitution. States can decide vaccine mandates on their own. Some in the Federal government don’t seem to agree.

Still, distaste for vaccines is not the fringe, idiosyncratic extremism that “vaxers” claim it is. With the head of the FOP in Chicago telling police not to get vaccinated, along with countless other objectors—including some 40% of Californian government workers—a popular demand to control “anti-vaxers” may be the largest minority oppressed in American history. The American Black population is only 12%, for which Democrats bend over backwards to help. With these forced vaccines—which go against their own campaign promises—the Democratic Party can no longer claim itself as the party that serves minorities.


The secret Supreme Court: Late nights, courtesy votes and the unwritten 6-vote rule // CNN

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Cascade of problems fuels world energy crisis as another winter looms // NBC News


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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 11, 2021

Biden is creating a special center within CIA for China. Xi Jinping is irate. Biden knows China almost as well as Trump. He met with Chinese officials as Vice President. While Trump played a “good cop” routine on China, Biden is in a better position to be less diplomatic. After all, hating on China does well in the polls, which Biden desperately needs for Democrats.

The US has been secretly training Taiwan special forces for over a year. The revelation comes from a report, officially recognized by the Pentagon. This all comes in the context of the US reaffirming its dedication to Taiwan.

Is the US trying to deter invasion from China by affirming commitment to stopping China? Or, is the US trying to provoke China by affirming commitment under the guise of deterring invasion from China? Which is it? In geopolitical strategy terms, the answer is: yes. In military buildup, deterring is provocation and provocation is deterrence; but wars are started because people want them to start. Deterrence and provocation are merely measures we take to excuse what we really want.

If the US didn’t want a war with China, then shipping jobs to China would never have been allowed in the first place. But, coupon clippers and Washington big hats agreed on the path that brought us here. And, make no mistake about it: we are here. Now, the world only needs one foreseeable yet somehow unforeseen surprise to spin the accelerating wheel into going out of control.

Trade & Tech

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Military Faceoff

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Biden administration reveals number of nuclear weapons in US stockpile // CNN


Encore of Revival: America, October 11, 2021

Social media algorithms are a huge problem. Burning out YouTubers probably wouldn’t have hit the radar, only driven users elsewhere. But, Frances Haugen’s revelations from Facebook could be a game changer. This has full attention from both parties in Congress; more importantly, it has the attention of the American public.

The arguments says that greed directed Facebook to use “ranking” algorithms, which decide what users see on Facebook. It was purportedly safe because of AI. The moral lapse from greed is obvious. The untrustworthiness of AI is a warning for those who might follow this Google executive religion, that literally worships a man-made AI as a deity. But, no one in the discussion looks at the turning point of Facebook’s moral wandering: going public. It all started after Facebook’s IPO.

Once Facebook was publicly traded on the stock market, news stories quoted large investors angry that there weren’t more opportunities to place advertisements. Facebook stock tumbled after some bad images in the press, allowing opportunist investors to get more control of Facebook at a lower price. Now, we see the results of a heavy profit -oriented Facebook. The problem started when the company went public. Now, the problem has manifested itself through ranking manipulation. If the ranking manipulation can end across the social media empire, so many other problems would be solved. And, Facebook might be the last straw.

At the hearing, Haugen said:

If we had appropriate oversight or if we reformed 230 to make Facebook responsible for the consequences of their intentional ranking decisions, I think they would get rid of engagement ranking.

While Congress heard matters of greed and ranking manipulation in social media, the Arizona legislature dug deeper into election fraud form 2020. Nothing would undo Biden’s presidency because Congress chooses the president. But, major changes to end election fraud in the future could be soon coming. And, those who knew Trump had the vote would be vindicated, especially from attacks by a news industry that has contradicted everything coming from the Arizona hearings.

Changing social media may be the last hope for Democrats. They aren’t pushing their own political agenda because they know that their majority is not backed by the actual vote. If Biden and the House truly believed that they won the election fair and square, they would be pushing their Leftist goals hard. But, they aren’t. And, that says a lot about what they know that they aren’t telling us. So, they must join Republicans to force the issue on social media, essentially converting Facebook—and in turn YouTube—into public utilities.

When does regulation of hate become censorship of free speech? Facebook deleted content labeled as “misinformation” which is now seen as truth out of Arizona. But, movements should be larger than Facebook. If any fundamental change is to happen in a nation, it shouldn’t be from one post going viral on a website. That’s not what daily, ordinary social media platforms are for. We need daily events and lifestyle highlights to become viral. But, movements that change humanity must be bigger than anything social media could help or hinder. Such a movement is what we are looking at. Putting a stop to “ranking” algorithms was just one clip along the way of something much bigger—something that is already here and will only grow.


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Bill Gates at lowest point on Forbes list for 30 years because of divorce // Independent


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 4, 2021

This weekend saw yet another step-up in Chinese aggression—over 90 incursions in three days. While the world asks, “WTF!?” Taiwan rallies international support based on its IC chip industry. Taiwan supplies a good portion of the world’s semiconductors. If China invaded Taiwan, that could pretty much shut down the world’s supply of phones and computers. Coming from Taiwan, it’s almost a PR campaign: “We make your tech work; if China hurts us, then China hurts you too.”

This past weekend was a national holiday for Taiwan and China, celebrating the founding of their common government in history. It is not unusual for military saber rattling to step up about this time of year. That doesn’t mean China isn’t a threat. That means China used its easy excuse to make more threats.

The US responded by clearing its throat, reminding the world of its many military assets in the region. The Philippines wants the Mutual Defense Treaty with the US to have stronger language, clarifying just how much protection the US would bring. China thinks it has standing to object to a treaty for which it is not a party. And, China said Taiwan can expect more next year if the “collusion” between Taiwan and the US doesn’t stop. “Collusion”—that’s how China sees things. Perhaps the word “paranoid” has relevance somewhere.


NZ opposition leader says US and UK ‘left door open’ for China in Indo-Pacific // Guardian


China, US in talks on military relations amid strained ties // Yahoo Canada


China air force sends 77 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone over two days, Taipei says // CNN

Prepare for War!
Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China, asks Australia for help // ABC News Australia

US ‘concerned’ by China’s incursion into Taiwan’s defence zone // BBC News

Military considering Taitung County for runway // Taipei Times

British warship passes through Taiwan Strait // Taipei Times

China unveils new drones, fighter jets with eye on Taipei // Taipei Times

Taiwan Says Peace Crucial to Chip Supply as China Pressure Grows // Yahoo Finance

US calls on Beijing to halt provocation of Taiwan // Taipei Times

US can ‘tamp down’ attack on Taiwan: official // Taipei Times

U.S. condemns ‘provocative’ Chinese activities near Taiwan // Yahoo UK

Hong Kong

Hong Kong man on national security trial over protest chants // Yahoo News


Philippines defence chief says was urged by China to drop review of U.S. pact // Yahoo News


Encore of Revival: America, October 4, 2021

The US faces economic challenges. We’re about to be done with pandemic inflation—that is inflation wrought to tamp down economic fallout from the pandemic, but arguably a pandemic of inflation in itself. We can’t keep interest rates this low and we can’t keep printing money. Britain has also about had it. The West is due for a change of pace. Enter Taiwan.

China’s incursion of Taiwan’s airspace made Matt Drudge’s top three headlines this weekend. With 93 Chinese military jet incursions in three days, Taiwan says its preparing for war because it must. And, Taiwan rallies allies like Australia with the fact that Taiwan houses one of the largest IC conductor suppliers in the world.

But, consider more than just the Chinese aggression. Consider the Western economic situation.

Chinese aggression and the freedom of Taiwanese sells well to the general public. But, compassion alone does not shape global politics. China is chasing a dream of respect—which isn’t as motivating as Western economies needing a turbocharger. China isn’t just making a miscalculation on its military capacity by winning respect as the world’s bully. China is making the grave error of provoking when the allies of its sworn enemy are hungry. All eyes in the West are about to shift toward a war with China every bit as swift and embarrassing as the Opium Wars.

While China takes center stage, the Supreme Court gears up to review Roe v. Wade and gun owner rights.


Abortion, guns, religion top a big Supreme Court term // AP

Peace & War

Taiwan headline of Drudge Report! // Instagram

US Looks toward War
US ‘very concerned’ about China’s ‘provocative military activity near Taiwan’ | TheHill // The Hill

Prices, Rates, Oil & Food

‘A perfect storm’: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course // Guardian

U.S. could be heading into an ‘era’ of high inflation that produces paltry, or even negative, real returns on safe assets, analyst warns // MarketWatch

NATO Focus

‘I’ll be darned’: Biden reacts to pivotal German election result // CNBC


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 27, 2021

The Huawei heir apparent and CFO, Meng, walked. She confessed, then flew home. China immediately released the two Canadians both named Michael, which China had previously said were not detained in any connection to Meng; but they were both released in connection to Meng. The world saw what China did because China did something once again.

Meng gets “deferred prosecution”, meaning she’s guilty, but as a foreigner she goes home because of some arrangement such as her confession. Her charges will be dropped in December 2022, only on condition that she does not contest points connected to her case as to fact. That gives the US 14 months to use her confession as grounds for deciding which countries and big companies to sanction, et cetera.

If we use China’s promise about Hong Kong as any example, we can expect the heat to turn up so high that Meng eventually breaks her promise and charges resume. With what action from the US could come, China may expect her to break her promise and accuse the US, more or less, of lying. If she doesn’t do what China expects, she may wish she was still enjoying her prison-mansions in Canada. Either way, her goose is cooked. The world is learning even more about China. And, the West marches on with its goals.

This week, five more countries urged the UN to recognize Taiwan. That makes twelve out of fifteen formal allies.


As The UK ‘Revives’ Its Diego Garcia Naval Base, Is London Set To Join QUAD Nations To Challenge China? // EurAsian Times

Trade & Tech

Meng Wanzhou: The PowerPoint that sparked an international row // Yahoo News

China sets Canadians free after Meng settles with US // Taipei Times


Musk praises China, says Tesla will expand investments in country // CNBC


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Military Faceoff

US Air Force Confirms It’s Bringing World’s First Stealth Fighter Aircraft ‘Back In Action’ // EurAsian Times

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Encore of Revival: America, September 27, 2021

A breakthrough in science could change how we make vaccines. Up until now, vaccines were made of dead viruses—but those are only trusted with viruses that don’t mutate. Corona viruses—like the flu and common cold and the COVID pneumoniavirus—do mutate. People doubt the COVID vaccines for the same reason they doubt flu vaccines. But, now we are looking at vaccines that don’t inject a piece of the dead virus, but only DNA from the mutating virus. That could be something that actually works, or it could be a disaster. We’ll have to wait and see, but it will upset everyone’s expectations.

Speaking of upsetting expectations and everyone, Congresswoman Liz Cheney wants an investigation into what happened in the White House January 2021, but there is no concern for investigating what happened at controversial, documented polling stations in November 2020. Americans don’t doubt what happened in January; some believe it was justified while others do not. Clearing up the truth about November would automatically clear up the verdict on January. So, one would think clearing up the truth of November would have priority. But, Washington priorities are not what one would think. This is a theatrical witch hunt. Accordingly, don’t expect any substantive results to come from Pelosi’s “January 6” panel.

While politicians squabble over how to chalk up 2020, billionaires squabble over philanthropy, and America marches on toward a Republican 2022. All eyes are on Justice Breyer since he’s the obvious next in line to go, and this would be the last chance for Democrats to replace a Democrat-appointee on the bench. Pride may keep him there into Republican control; we’ll see. Justices always make decisions in favor of the court. Washington always fudges in favor of Washington. And, everyone sees as it happens.


Trump calls Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp a ‘disaster’ at rally // NY Post

Washington as Usual

Markets, Economy & GDP

FedEx just painted a disturbing picture of the job market // Yahoo Finance

Monopoly, Corptocracy & Big Greed

gates: Bill Gates has a ‘message’ for Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos // Times of India


Could DNA vaccines be the next tool in the world’s battle against COVID? // Jerusalem Post

Costco confirms it’s limiting toilet paper and water purchases, as customers start to stockpile amid the spread of the Delta variant // Yahoo News


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 20, 2021

China steps up expansion via Hong Kong elections. Seven editors are banned from Wikipedia on concerns of not acting in good faith and with relation to China. The US sails through the Taiwan Straight again, this time a destroyer. Taiwan wants more backup runways for fighter jets. Escalations only continue and no side shows any sign of backing down.


Hong Kong kicks off first ‘patriots only’ election // Yahoo News

Wikipedia fights ‘infiltration’ by Chinese group // Taipei Times

Former Joint Chiefs chair: Nothing unusual about Milley’s contacts with China // Politico


More emergency military runways, legislator urges // Taipei Times

US Navy destroyer sails through Strait // Taipei Times

US legislators back UN for Taiwan // Taipei Times

Hong Kong

Hong Kong elite select new ‘patriots only’ committee // Taipei Times

Hong Kong few select powerful new ‘patriots only’ committee // Aljazeera


Encore of Revival: America, September 20, 2021

Minimum wage needs a definition. It was intended for people who have a job for the first time, like high school students who live with parents and need to learn how to show up for work. When that wage minimum is applied to long-term employee of fifteen years, something is wrong. And, raising the minimum wage is no answer.

Instead, minimum wage should be defined somehow so that it is not applied to an employee of fifteen years. One important test for whether an employee should receive minimum wage is filing taxes as a dependent or living with parents. That would create two minimum wages: one for young dependents working simple jobs and another for experienced adults who live on their own.

Why hasn’t this been discussed? Blanketly raising the floor on all wages across society doesn’t make the house stand taller, it just adds a step to climb while making the ceiling closer. That sounds more like creating a problem so a politician can campaign on fixing it.

Elections themselves are evermore in doubt. The biggest problem with election fraud isn’t in government, but with news articles about election fraud asserting that fraud claims are “unfounded” without evaluating why. That’s still going on. To quote the ENRON hearings, “One word: ‘California’.”

Even with great products, why do Disney and Apple seem to be part of the problem and not the solution? The Biblical interpretation is to examine the morals of leadership. That’s one way of explaining it.


Beto O’Rourke plans Texas comeback in governor’s race // Axios

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Human Rights, Civil Liberties & Privacy

Religious exemption to vaccine mandates may be difficult to obtain, as Amish case shows // The Hill

Monopoly, Corptocracy & Big Greed

Critics warn of Apple, Google ‘chokepoint’ repression // Digital Journal

Amid reports of homelessness and food insecurity, 25,000 employees sue Disneyland for better pay // SF Gate

Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest at Apple // DNyuz


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 13, 2021

The easiest solution to China’s escalating situation in the South Sea is to enforce China’s own formal statements at face value. China says they respect other countries and do not want to militarize the South Sea. Leave it at that. Any disrespect toward other countries is not at the behest of Xijinping. Any militarization of the South Sea is not at the behest of Xijinping. Therefore, it must be true that Xijinping would not oppose anyone who stops, prevents, and reverses disrespect toward a country or militarization in the South Sea.

The West spends too much time arguing “what people really think”. It is as if Western governments want to read China’s mind to determine China’s intentions, but not entirely say so. The current result is an monitored, yet unchecked, escalation of military tension. “China can’t do this,” the West says. “We don’t do this,” China responds.

China’s response is golden. The West looks like the aggressor, especially in the minds of the Chinese people who live, “under the spell of the system,” as the missing Whitney Duan’s husband says. The West would do best to agree, “then China didn’t do this.” And then, take immediate policing action. After all, China has categorically implied that the man-made islands and battle cruisers are not operating within China’s purview. But, the West just keeps trying to read minds to solve problems. Since reading minds never happens, problems just keep growing.

Now, the Olympics will see a massive China boycott. If the Chinese knew a thing or two, they’d see that without the China Olympics, there would be one less way to boycott China. But, that’s a little complicated for some minds. And, the West prides itself on reading minds, after all.


China’s richest woman Whitney Duan disappears without a trace | //

John Simpson: Afghanistan, its future, and why China matters // BBC News

Former US admiral says China ‘their own worst enemy’ as tensions rise in South China Sea // ABC News Australia

Uyghur Tribunal resumes to determine whether China guilty of genocide // Taiwan News

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George Soros Calls BlackRock’s China Investment ‘Tragic Mistake’ // Yahoo Finance


Encore of Revival: America, September 13, 2021

Democrats are toast. They were played as the Fool card. All they’ve accomplished is reminding the public that Republicans aren’t so bad. Tax and spending hikes won’t work. Promising to never mandate vaccines then mandating vaccines is akin to H. W. Bush’s infamous “Read My Lips” speech in which he promised, “No new taxes.” It’s self sabotage; it may not even be intentional. With Republicans, it would likely be intentional; with Democrats, it doesn’t need to be. We can’t argue “conspiracy” on this one.

The UK doesn’t want to go near vaccine mandates, not even lockdown. It’s as if the rest of the world has moved on from COVID while Democrats in the US are still playing it for political capital. It’s much like Democrats addressing the racism issues of 1965 while campaigning in 2008, rather than addressing the racism issues of 2008 in 2008. That’s why America hasn’t seen progress on police racism. And, that’s why America isn’t seeing progress on COVID.

COVID was the “trump” card that trumped Trump in 2020. But, we’re on a new round and trump is a different suit. But, Democrats can’t figure out that they were never the trump card themselves. They always played the Fool. And in 2024, Republicans will comeback with the most dangerous popularity margin the nation has yet seen.


Democrats see $3.5T spending goal is slipping away // The Hill

White House, Democrats tangle over Biden bid to raise taxes // AP


NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after staffers quit over vaccine mandate // KIRO 7 Seattle

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Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate // Newsweek

Video montage: Hypocrisy!
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Covid vaccine passports SCRAPPED as Sajid Javid confirms people won’t need them to get into nightclubs and cinemas // The Sun

United Nations

UN chief: World is at `pivotal moment’ and must avert crises // AP


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 6, 2021

Taiwan! Taiwan! Taiwan! Europe can say it enough. In fact, Europe talks about Taiwan almost as much as China does. Taiwan doesn’t need formal diplomatic relations to live rent free in the minds of global leaders around the globe—especially living rent free in the minds of Beijing leaders—especially in the mind of Xi Jinping. Don’t forget Japan.

Europe doesn’t want to be bullied by China. Every response from China is interpreted by the EU as a reason to disagree with almost anything China says. China is so hated, we are almost to the point where China could use reverse psychology to get what it wants. If China disagreed with everything it wants, the world might agree with everything China wants, just to spite China’s rhetoric. But, we are only 98% of the way there. The world doesn’t hate China quite that much. There’s still room for more.

But, look closely at what is happening in Europe. Lithuania deepens ties with Taiwan while the EU pounds the table. It is almost as if Europe is testing China by watching what happens with Lithuania. If that were so, none of the European rhetoric about Lithuania or China is real, yet. They’re just saying things to gauge China’s reaction. In other words, Europe is experimenting with China as the lab rat. That’s got to make shame-phobic leaders in Beijing feel great about themselves.


If Taiwan is lost, US loses, too: Craft // Taipei Times


EU cannot remain silent on China, top official says // Taipei Times

New Chinese maritime law could be ‘time bomb’ // Taipei Times


EU legislators back Taiwan office // Taipei Times

EU lawmaker urges invite to ‘Taiwan leader’ // Taipei Times

EU group advances Taiwan proposal // Taipei Times


Military Faceoff

Air force eyes assorted US missiles // Taipei Times

The U.S. ground war in Afghanistan is over. Now it’s the Navy’s turn. // Politico

A New Era of Aircraft Carrier Fighter Jet Attack Is Here. // National Interest

Latest Pictures Of China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Display Its ‘Staggering Success’ To Challenge US Naval Might // EurAsian Times



Encore of Revival: America, September 6, 2021

The culture war in America rages. Biden is a disheartened president, distraught over the loss of his son. This affects his ability to console the family of a lost soldier. The public dissents and supports along political lines because Biden hasn’t dealt with his grief of the past six years. In that context, he oversaw an exodus from Afghanistan.

Any political strategist would have known that Biden was overladen. American voters also thought so. Biden is not the enemy, but whoever put him in office with an apparent intention that things would happen as accordingly as they did. With McCarthy on the move against an evermore unpopular social media empire, it looks more and more like Biden was meant to play the fool in a Trump comeback.

The Supreme Court handed down a ruling that people can be sued, nothing new, except that it was about abortion. More and more, the Court is not as evenly divided as it once was. Recent decisions have split by wider margins than just one justice. Here, each of the four dissenters wrote their own opinion: Roberts had his usual love for bureaucracy, Breyer found his point of order to support his political ideology, while Kagan and Sotomayor loudly think abortion is constitutional anyway. Being no longer simple black-and-white in its rulings, the Court is operating closer to the healthy way it should.


What the Texas Law Really Means for Abortion in America // Politico

White House

‘A Private Matter’: Joe Biden’s Very Public Clash With His Own Church // Politico

Biden, Still Grieving His Son, Finds That Not Everyone Wants to Hear About It // DNyuz


Analysis: McCarthy threat offers dark preview of possible Republican House // CNN

Soc Media, Cybersecurity & Tech

Facebook mistakenly labels black men ‘primates’ // France 24


US to be removed from EU travel ‘safe list’: report // The Hill


Global Jewish population numbers 15.2 million // Jerusalem Post

NATO Focus

Biden will place U.S. support for Ukraine front and center during Zelenskyy visit // CNBC