Encore of Revival: America, September 26, 2016

The Obama administration finally creates a “cease fire”, and within weeks the other side has a strong case made for new war crimes. Omitting other examples of oxymoronic results, it is ever bit as true that Obama is the number one reason Trump will win 2016 as W Bush was the number one reason Obama won 2008. As with Clinton v HW, and W v Clinton, winning presidents have pit their campaigns against the lame duck for the last 28 years.

As for the irony of Tulsa v Charlotte—why one city prayed while the other was invaded by outside rioters—there is too much going on behind the scenes for any easy explanation. To claim Soros’ funding of outsiders’ protesting is a drastic understatement. Newspapers profit more from hate than peace. Justice and press-release protocol is always too sluggish. Too many cops would rather study donut menus than smart practice—but, not the good ones, of course! White guys say, “Just follow police directions,” to people whose skin they’ve never tried on. Black guys say, “I can’t follow police directions perfectly enough when we’re both scared out of our boots!” Perps feign injury by definition; no one knows who to blame.

Obama has had 8 years of speeches to resolve conflict into peace, but instead—intentionally or incompetently, but no less narcissistically—he kept talking while he kept losing, and thus rolled out another red carpet for the pending Trump victory. It’s almost enough to make one believe in trans-presidential conspiracy. Between HW, Bill, W, Barry, and Trump—there we have a all star lineup. But, who knows and who cares!?

Most of the real news gets unreported anyway. This week’s Syrian atrocity happened to make headlines. But, Russia could not be nominated as a war criminal if ISIS—the dominant sprawling force in Syria—didn’t exist in the first place. The players going home before the clock ran out, leaving behind tanks and trucks and whatever weapons still in the bubble-wrap for “whomever” came along to prize… Who made that call? And, who started in the first place? ISIS was Obama’s score with the Bush family assist, and the man who objected from the beginning, now sporting two assists from the Clinton family, is about to defeat them both and become the next decision-maker. Putin has been on the court longer than any of them. No wonder cigarettes and painkillers are in a dead heat.

If we find favor upstairs, our Texan will get to play longer than even Putin. Cruz finally came around. Trump may give him SCOTUS, not for making an endorsement late or early, but for Cruz being so evidently conscientious. America’s memory of conscience is long overdue.

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Encore of Revival: America, May 9, 2016

The Ted Cruz campaign tells much. It was the epitome of establishment Churchianity and establishment politics. In the week before he suspended his campaign, even his own father was calling for a religious-based vote. The dirty political games from his campaign are more like Sunday morning fiefdom clan wars than Clintonian dishonesty. His campaign’s epitaph will read that it is the place all liars go who tell the same lies.

The Sunday morning card can’t be played to bloc up votes ever again. Nor will establishment political parties fool the people with their games. Cruz’s campaign laid out exactly how the Republican and Democratic parties will also collapse over the next two presidential cycles. They may not be viable parties by 2024. It’s already happening with Paul Ryan. Cruz’s campaign tells much.

Cruz drew fire and hatred because he overstayed his welcome. He tried to use any and every lever he could find, probably from a genuine love for his country; only God knows Ted’s heart. During the process, he never broke rules. But, championships are not won on technical fouls alone; he never had a path to win in a democracy through actual democracy. In retrospect, he learned that those games don’t pay off.

Now, just because he played dirty politics doesn’t mean that he supported them. He will likely become one of the greatest opponents of “dirty rules” politics. Those rules didn’t help him, after all.

Cruz still manages to keep a powerful career as a loser. He doesn’t lose easily. The entire nation got a good look at what it was like to fight against him in the Senate. And he got an up-close-and-personal view of the political process from top to bottom.

By dropping out of the race when he did, he atoned for any former wrongdoing. He is clearly a fighter and a man of logic. The math told him it was over and he listened.

It is always good to recognize the right person in the wrong position. Usually, that “wrong” position helps prepare and educate that “right” person for a greater task. With Cruz’s brilliant mind, love for the values that keep nations from falling, combined with his legal, Constitutional, and political background, it is clear that Cruz can and should sit on the Supreme Court. Only a man with Cruz’s intellect could replace that of the late Justice Scalia. On the Supreme Court, Cruz would continue his amazing career, even as a loser, but he would finally lose less.

Cruz’s campaign tells much. Even when the Republican and Democratic establishments fall—even their soon-to-be-former members may have useful purposes elsewhere, Paul Ryan notwithstanding.

Paul Ryan shot his foot off by refusing to support the RNC frontrunner. Now, Palin will campaign against Ryan by helping his Republican challenger, Paul Nehlen.

And, so it begins: Trump lights into Clinton. He will likely lite into the FBI if they don’t indite her soon. Trump knows how to fire people. Dragging their feet on Hillary could be what some call a “career decision”. We’ll see.

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Encore of Revival: America, May 2, 2016

Ted Cruz is not doing “what is necessary to win” the election; he’s doing what it takes to divide. Watch carefully and remember.

Dividing may not be his goal. Damage is rarely a goal; it rarely needs to be. If you want to know just how “establishment” he is look at his establishment methods. By our deeds do we align ourselves.

Cruz’s strategy of winning second ballot votes seems squirmish, attempting an unrightful victory based on technicality—not only against the spirit of the rules, but the spirit of the country he alienates in the process. But, more importantly, by presuming a defeat on the first RNC ballot, he presumes defeat.

He has clearly stated that VP is no option for him. This, combined with his attempt to get late-game votes from his opponent’s delegates, has burned all bridges of having his name on the 2016 ballot. Had Cruz every intention to win, he would not have done that.

Cruz seems to have a loser complex much akin to that of Sunday morning culture: “Us four and no more—against the world.” It is as if he wakes up in the morning expecting to be hated, then schemes a way to rule a nation that hates his actions more every day.

He claims victory, then loses. He claims Christianity, yet deals his neighbor injury without repair. He says what focus groups tell him to, while claiming to be trusted.

Not only his boilerplate consultant establishment methods, but also Cruz’ presumption of losing as his career path, proves him to be the best personification of an establishment candidate our nation has seen thus far.

His epitaph should read, “Here lies Ted Cruz, king of all establishmentarians, and the place all liars go when they tell the same lies every liar tells.”

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Encore of Revival: America, April 18, 2016

Drama and theatrics! Trump and friends complain about the Colorado results long after those results were foretold—August. Generally, Americans have only responded to problems after the fact, never when those problems clearly loomed on the horizon. Trump at Colorado was no exception. Either Trump is incompetent or only complaining after the inevitable results was a brilliant staging of theatrics.

Cruz’s theatrics took their own form this week. In a display that many still can’t digest, once dinner was served, Cruz gave a boilerplate speech for any occasion, after Trump and Kasich gave NY-specific speeches before dinner. His mic kept working at the event, but the live video switched to a house mic, making him difficult to hear. Later, more sound cut out. Yet, not even Cruz’s own campaign chairman pointed out what happened. “Some mic problems” was his dismissive concession when he should have objected. All the brilliant experts had the same false analysis—rather than reporting that the dinner plans and microphone disrupted Cruz, the as-if-choreographed coordinated-like response of the media is that Cruz was wilfully ignored by the dinner audience.

Again, Americans don’t complain at foresight, only in hindsight. Trump and Colorado’s rules, Cruz and dinner being served—everyone acts as if the obvious results were a total surprise. If truly surprised, these news pundits and personalities should resign to make room for better men than they. Conspiracy theories fly, but there is always more going on.

Consider the other conspiracy theory favorites: a staged 9/11 attack, the false Obama birth certificate… While reports of controlled demolition-style explosions and reported evidence of Thermite at Ground Zero seem convincing, the alleged pre-reporting of the second impact by Sky News and the trail of JPEG artifacts behind a plane in the video make it look more like the conspiracy was that a conspiracy be perceived. If Obama’s PDF birth certificate is valid evidence, then the IRS won’t need paper prints for tax audits anymore—unlikely as much as suspicious. But, the presence of PDF layers makes it seem as if someone at the White House wanted it to look like a fake. Once a conspiracy theory includes such obvious blunders, it is no longer valid. Either the alleged conspirators are totally incompetent—and therefore need not be so feared as theorists propose—or there was no conspiracy, only the appearance of one to serve as a rouse.

So, with Cruz and with Trump, such obvious games beg the question: What is everyone up to? Why did Cruz prepare a bland speech for an event where he wouldn’t be heard, where he was reported as being ignored as if he could be heard? Why did Trump act as if what everyone knew from August would happen in Colorado wouldn’t happen?

Consider Paul Ryan: Cruz worked to oust John Boehner. Former VP nominee Paul Ryan “didn’t want” to be Speaker, but is anyway. Now, Boehner recommends Ryan, who “doesn’t want” to be President… and the only reason people are talking about it is because Cruz won’t quit when he’s losing.

The only sure conclusion thus far is: Trump is a master at winning by losing while Cruz continues to be a master at winning by losing while pretending to try to win. That qualifies Trump amongst the most brilliant Commanders in Chief, right up there with wartime presidents W and FDR, who also roused the nation to war after their respective foreseeable attacks. As for Cruz, he is perfect to stay in the Senate. It seems that’s what he wants, whether as Ryan’s VP or as a Senator who continues to help Ryan by losing more battles during a Trump administration.

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Encore of Revival: America, April 7, 2016

Wisconsin’s primary will set the tone for the remainder of the election and even the transition into the next president. The principal question of this primary is about the people’s ability to see through deception. This year’s second-place candidates don’t seem to know when they are losing. Perhaps, they actually don’t care, since winning may not be their goal. Their supporters don’t seem to see any of this.

Cruz supporters say that Trump is also a hypocrite, having changed his views, but they don’t seem to see the difference between a civilian having a change of heart, then running for office vs an elected politician contradicting his campaign promises with his past voting record in Congress. The Sunday morning subculture really can’t recognize that difference any more than they can recognize when they are losing. This is because most of their history as Sunday morning Christians is filled with unfulfilled hopes and daily forgiveness of broken promises from pathological apologizers in church leadership.

Cruz’s well-rehearsed facade of the phony Sunday morning genre has hypnotized that Sunday morning subculture into ignoring Cruz’s money from lobbyists, voting for what they hate and he says he hats, and strikingly similar track record of high-effort failure. Walker oversaw an increase in State debt, then endorsed Cruz. When people spend large amounts of money on negative results, such as Sunday morning—declining as it is costly—they have to pull the wool over their own eyes and keep telling themselves they aren’t not doing the right thing. So, Cruz’ failures and Walker’s debt fit their definition of “good results”.

Put in simple terms, neither Cruz nor Churchianity know when they are losing. They always go down swinging, never winning. Churchianity can’t not trust Cruz, a fake who only has credibility from his ability to impersonate their Sunday morning show.

Trump, by contrast, visited St. Norbert College and spoke more about the students’ future. He told his story of encountering the famous William Levitt—of the Levitt towns—and shared what the then bankrupt William told him: He failed because he lost momentum. This is something that Cruz and Walker have neither the likelihood nor the experience to speak about. They are focused on campaign games while Trump speaks to the need of his audience, even in the closest and most critical primary yet and yet to come.

As goes Wisconsin’s wind, so will go the nation’s. The polls could change after Wisconsin, but the atmosphere won’t. The 2016 question asks whether Americans can see the difference between phony smoke, mirrors, puppets, and flip-flops and the real McCoy of results, leadership, and repentance unto hope. And, the answer will be foreshadowed in Wisconsin, tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 31, 2015

Ben Innes’ terrorist selfie on EgyptAir (Guardian)

40k petition: Carry guns at GOP convention (Quartz)

…Secret Service: No. (NBC)

FBI Comey to interview Hillary (WA Times)

Video: Cruz comedy, which car pedal for Trump? (The Hill – Jimmy Kimmel)

Japan-bound plane goes back to Hawaii, violent passenger, yoga (San Diego Union-Tribune)

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Encore of Revival: America, March 21, 2016

For better or worse, America is experiencing a change of heart. People are leaving Democratic candidates and Establishment, DC-favored Rubio, to vote Trump. Cruz is up. Kasich is up. Rubio is way down, and Trump is up even more. What does the math tell us? Trump is getting more support than Rubio is losing, while Cruz and Kasich also gain. Democrats are switching. Right or wrong, a change of heart involves progress of conscience.

Danger looms on every horizon and good diagnosis is in high demand. The big dangerous thing about Trump is that we need him. We need his economic history and work specialty to go to work for America. Needing anything is dangerous. The two dangerous things about Cruz are that his supporters think he is less corruptible than Trump and that his supporters are largely sectarian—Christians from bickering denominations, who misrepresent nearly everyone of the many people they take issue with.

Trump dissidents fall into two categories, one of them the Cruz supporters, the other, Democratic Socialists. Neither have a history of properly understanding their opponents. Both are offended that Trump fails their litmus test of character—tone of voice; Churchianity thinks that everyone who doesn’t talk like a beat-down looser is “prideful”; Liberals think that no one should be condescending and braggadocios except Liberals. Both critics say that he doesn’t have much money, but are angry at him for having a lot of money. This contradiction indicates drowning while grasping rather than clear, reasoned thinking. Neither appreciates the power of rules—Churchianity because they have rules without power and Liberals because they have power without rules. Both are largely unaccomplished theoreticians funded by donations from money-makers, employed by real job-creators, rarely the entrepreneurs who pay everyone else’s bills. They critique what he says and how he says it. And, with all the real problems that Trump has, objections from these critics are all that we hear.

All men can be corrupted by power. America seems to forget that the bigger factors in any election don’t exist until two years after, and, the biggest, six. Our country is in ruin because, every change of term, we elect the next messiah, then go back to sleep. China also tries to vet Hong Kong’s leaders in advance, rather than controlling the leaders’ decisions, whether the leaders are “good” or “bad”. No politician is above breaking promises, and no voter is above forgetting the emptiness of words. Nonetheless, all critiques, both pro and con, of all remaining presidential candidates focus on what the candidates say, not which mule can be harnessed to haul the load.

As for work mules, Trump is ideal, partially because he knows the work of infrastructure and firing people—arguably America’s two greatest needs—, but, more importantly, he has most of the country on high and healthy alert, just how the country always should be. As a work mule, Cruz is most dangerous because, while people would oppose him, the country would not be on alert much at all where a Cruz White House is concerned. And, Cruz is an ideal RINO: always failing valiantly while the opposition gains ground. Danger is most immanent, not when people warn of danger, but when people don’t. Sleeping watchmen is the problem. America’s best choice any day will have the diplomatic style of an alarm clock.

As long as America looks for a messiah other than Jesus, she is doomed. We need to think about how to keep “We the people” in control, no matter who wins this November, and how to defeat both political parties for the election in 2024.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump broke 50% (YouGov)

Soros funds Hillary (Bloomberg)

Trump wants two-way street protection alliance with Japan, Japan objects (Japan Times)

Japan softly protests Trump’s ‘devalued yen’ comment (Japan Today)

China angry at Trump (Australia Network)

Pro-Cruz Establishment (WA Post)

Bernie’s still kicking (Politico)

Kasich and Rubio likely to lose home games (McClatchy DC)

Trump protests: police, video, pics, Tweets (RT)

Palin’s husband in snow machine accident, detours home (NBC)

Unplanned: Edward Snowden joins Twitter… 47GB of notifications | RT

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Encore of Revival: America, March 14, 2016

Leading a nation is much like raising a teenager—everything you say and do is wrong and you must speak your idea in less than five seconds, anything longer will be ignored, anything shorter will probably be ignored anyway. And, America has an opinion about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump—probably about as many opinions per person as there are five second moments in each day.

The latest opinion is the boilerplate page of comparing the leading candidate to Hitler. The problem with this comparison is that Hitler did not set off alarms before it was too late, Trump does. If Trump was planning a Hitler-style takeover, he’s not being sneaky enough. A better Hitler comparison would be the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who is now third in line for a position he “didn’t want”, after unifying a divided party by “making demands and conditions”, all after losing his bid for second in line. An even better comparison to Hitler would be the man responsible for ousting Ryan’s predecessor, thus rolling the red carpet for Ryan to gain his seat—a man who, like Hitler, has wide support from the religious community, sets off few to no alarms, and is somewhat of a loner in the capitol, Cruz. But, none of these really have the cloaked, condescending, wild inner-nature—and none of them are anti-Israel—except one other man who will leave office in January, the door likely smacking him on the way out.

As for America’s opinion about Rubio, Florida is winner-takes-all. The Bush protege seems bent on dumping his leaking coffers to give Floridians opportunity for practice voting against him. Wow, that went fast.

The real dangers are Americans who trust any candidate. Rubio notwithstanding, we know no one’s intention and even the best men are corrupted by power. Americans will not be safe as long as they continue to put their hope in politicians rather than expecting themselves to guard their own liberties and future.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cruz: Idaho, Kansas, Maine

Trump: Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Hawaii, Louisiana

Sanders: Michigan, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska

Fox Election

CNN Election

Iran tests missile, threats walk-out (Free Beacon)

Dump Trump tech-GOP meet—Apple, Facebook, Google, Tesla… Rove, Mitch, Kristol… (The Wrap)

Detroit mayor cheers Bernie, booted (The DC)

Video: Unlock any iPhone (Facebook)

…Warning: Requires old people to listen to a kid!

Video: Mom angry at Atheist son’s announcement (Facebook)

Tailspin: United’s Quest to Be Less Awful | Bloomberg  · · · →

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