Cadence of Conflict: Asia, January 31, 2022

Taiwan’s vice president went on tour. After meeting with the new president of Honduras, Vice President William Lai stopped in San Francisco. While in the States, he held virtual meetings with House Speaker Pelosi and others. Taiwan’s envoy to North America was a big success.

Meanwhile back in Asia, China sent its own envoy of 39 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace. That was probably just in case the people in North America doubted anything Lai said about China being dangerous. China wants everyone to know the truth, after all. But, the warplanes didn’t go over well in Taipei.

Taipei and Shanghai have had a sister city “bromance” going on—or “sismance” if we want to be genderly correct. But, the annual, multi-million dollar event is up for cancellation with China’s military incursions. Feuding DPP and KMT parties reached a near-impossible consensus about that. The two parties never get along. But, somehow China seems to be the great unifier between polarized political parties, whether in the United States or in Taiwan.

We can probably expect more unity like that in the future. It may not be the unity China is pushing for, but it will be unity nonetheless.


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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, January 24, 2022

China has been busy online. Western allies warn about increasing cyber attacks from China; it’s become the common thing to expect and discuss. Cyber attacks aren’t China’s only online hobby. Social media “influencers” are reportedly set to spread the good gospel of China’s greatness all through the Olympics. We’ll see how long their social media followings last.

While China engages in paid diplomacy and bolsters Western demand for cybersecurity, Taiwan has another new friend. Slovenia will open a diplomatic office in Taiwan. And, Taiwan will send an envoy to the inauguration of Honduras’s president, none other than Taiwan’s former favorite, pro-independence Mayor William Lai. That means more officials from Taiwan will attend the Honduras event than American officials will attend China’s Olympic Games.

But, that’s okay for China. After all, there are all those “influencers” getting paid to pay China compliments on their soon to fall social medial accounts.


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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 13, 2021

China responds with propaganda. A lot more keeps happening more. It’s too much for China to track. But, when the US pontificates about democracy, China leaps to opine first. The problem is the vibe. It’s not about what we say, but about the vibes created by our actions.

Perhaps both the US and China labeled it wrong. It’s not democracy that won; it’s freedom. Freedom in the market, freedom in speech, freedom in religion, freedom in family—all these are valued by one country and despised by another country. So, the free country gets hate from the opinionated country.

As for other zingers China can’t track, Guatemala, Honduras, and now Germany plan only stronger ties with Taiwan. Nicaragua switched for China this week, making it a three for one to the Confucian Communist team.

You see, that’s the sneaky thing about China’s own problems. Russia is simply Marxist to the core. China always has and always will ever love Confucius more than Marx. Confucius was the greater hater of freedom. That’s why Russia poses a real threat while China just threatens and poses.


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