Encore of Revival: America, September 27, 2021

A breakthrough in science could change how we make vaccines. Up until now, vaccines were made of dead viruses—but those are only trusted with viruses that don’t mutate. Corona viruses—like the flu and common cold and the COVID pneumoniavirus—do mutate. People doubt the COVID vaccines for the same reason they doubt flu vaccines. But, now we are looking at vaccines that don’t inject a piece of the dead virus, but only DNA from the mutating virus. That could be something that actually works, or it could be a disaster. We’ll have to wait and see, but it will upset everyone’s expectations.

Speaking of upsetting expectations and everyone, Congresswoman Liz Cheney wants an investigation into what happened in the White House January 2021, but there is no concern for investigating what happened at controversial, documented polling stations in November 2020. Americans don’t doubt what happened in January; some believe it was justified while others do not. Clearing up the truth about November would automatically clear up the verdict on January. So, one would think clearing up the truth of November would have priority. But, Washington priorities are not what one would think. This is a theatrical witch hunt. Accordingly, don’t expect any substantive results to come from Pelosi’s “January 6” panel.

While politicians squabble over how to chalk up 2020, billionaires squabble over philanthropy, and America marches on toward a Republican 2022. All eyes are on Justice Breyer since he’s the obvious next in line to go, and this would be the last chance for Democrats to replace a Democrat-appointee on the bench. Pride may keep him there into Republican control; we’ll see. Justices always make decisions in favor of the court. Washington always fudges in favor of Washington. And, everyone sees as it happens.


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Encore of Revival: America, September 13, 2021

Democrats are toast. They were played as the Fool card. All they’ve accomplished is reminding the public that Republicans aren’t so bad. Tax and spending hikes won’t work. Promising to never mandate vaccines then mandating vaccines is akin to H. W. Bush’s infamous “Read My Lips” speech in which he promised, “No new taxes.” It’s self sabotage; it may not even be intentional. With Republicans, it would likely be intentional; with Democrats, it doesn’t need to be. We can’t argue “conspiracy” on this one.

The UK doesn’t want to go near vaccine mandates, not even lockdown. It’s as if the rest of the world has moved on from COVID while Democrats in the US are still playing it for political capital. It’s much like Democrats addressing the racism issues of 1965 while campaigning in 2008, rather than addressing the racism issues of 2008 in 2008. That’s why America hasn’t seen progress on police racism. And, that’s why America isn’t seeing progress on COVID.

COVID was the “trump” card that trumped Trump in 2020. But, we’re on a new round and trump is a different suit. But, Democrats can’t figure out that they were never the trump card themselves. They always played the Fool. And in 2024, Republicans will comeback with the most dangerous popularity margin the nation has yet seen.


Democrats see $3.5T spending goal is slipping away // The Hill

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UN chief: World is at `pivotal moment’ and must avert crises // AP


Encore of Revival: America, August 30, 2021

The crises that brought down presidents! COVID was the prime excuse to hate Trump in his last year. It has now become the second reason to hate Biden and the reason California’s governor faces recall. Biden mainly faces the challenge of Afghanistan. A member of Trump’s former staff reminds us all.

This is the trouble with trusting politics. Republican voters trusted election polls, until rules were broken, then ignored. Democrat voters trusted the conclusion of Congress to choose Biden; now they have another Democrat in the White House to make people sick of Democrats. The cycle just keeps on.

We are looking at a Republican majority in the midterm election, as usual. Then, a possible Republican supermajority in the next general election, in which Trump will likely run and more likely win. Republicans managed a way to hold the Supreme Court through that time, which is suspicious.

No matter how good and benevolent, power corrupts and none should trust a supermajority within mankind. Fortunately, Trump isn’t seen as the immortal messiah his supporters once thought he was. Democrat voters already learned that lesson with Obama. Now, Republican voters have too.


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Encore of Revival: America, March 29, 2021

America faces big changes, but not the changes our conventional political grid might assume. Public trust in cloud platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter failed with the massive censorship surrounding the 2020 election. This week, a new cloud provider, Digital Ocean, went public. The Times has used Digital Ocean for nearly seven years.

Digital commerce shifts while the global supply chain faces more disruptions. Not only do we still lack supplies that were made in factories that are closed. Not only is the cruise ship industry floundering. The Suez Canal is blocked.

What is Democrat-controlled Washington doing?—Business as usual. Binden wants to focus on infrastructure—a digression from the Obama years. Republicans have always been good at spending money while appearing not to, while Democrats appear to spend money when they tighten the purse strings. Marketing is one of the best-kept secret ingredients in American politics.

The one thing unusual about this Democratic Washington is its dedication to a strong military. Russia surfaced three subs in the Arctic this week and, now all of a sudden, Democrats want to do military the same way Trump did. Just how the Bush-Obama years held a contiguous policy progression, the Trump-Biden years seem to reflect the competence, military, and infrastructure of FDR. In many ways, it is as if Trump is still in office. We did get Trump’s $2,000 checks, after all.


The Unlikely Team of Prosecutors Hunting Donald Trump in Georgia // Daily Beast

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Syria forced to ration fuel as stricken ship keeps Suez Canal blocked // CNN

The Suez Canal Has Been Blocked and Closed Several Times Since Opening // Business Insider

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Three Russian Ballistic Missile Submarines Just Surfaced Through The Arctic Ice Together // The Drive


Encore of Revival: America, January 11, 2021

The treachery of American political parties runs much deeper than any of us thought. There is nothing wrong with the Constitution, the problem lies within political parties that ignore their voters. Biden is the rightly-elected president because voters do not actually chose the president; they indicate their will to Congress, which is allowed to ignore the will of voters, which Congress just did. The Republican Party is finished; the Democratic Party is soon to be.

Trump was an outsider who actually took easy and necessary steps to stop the global breakdown caused by a selfish political class made of fake Republicans and fake Democrats. For this good he did, that political class attacked his unrelated character flaws. The system determined on its own self-destruction could not resist its neediness to attack anyone trying to save it. When push came to shove and the Capitol chamber was breached, the Washington worms retreated to their old belief that nice talk without right action calmes angry citizens. That’s what the Republicans did to their voters. Then again Republican voters have done the same to Democratic voters on police violence and racism for centuries.

Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Republicans have been good managers, doing things right without doing right things. Democrats pretend to do the right things, but always do things wrongly. Trump was loved for America’s brief moment of finally doing a few things right. Not one war started for the first time in decades. Allies cut the umbilical cord from dependence on American soldiers. Many troops were called home. Many jobs returned. But, Trump didn’t redress grievances, so in mainstream media he was criticized for his tone instead of grievances neglected.

The treachery is not in the Constitution, which rightly gave Democratic voters the stolen election they wanted. Republicans voters lost because they would not exit their complacency to create a third party and because they would not win the hearts of their Democrat-voting neighbors. Instead, they grew lazy and angry in their religious fallacy that Trump was some kind of heavenly savior, chosen by God to create a godly government within a system that rejects godliness.

Trump did not insight the Washington protestors to illegally enter the Capitol; Republican state legislators provoked them by not heeding the countless peaceful assemblies and petitions. The blood spilled and yet to be spilled is on their hands. Now, only Trump can reduce the rage that those Republican legislators certified when they certified an election they had a mandate not to.

Unless Trump has other plans, which he probably does, the next ordinary step would be for him to resign so Pence could pardon him from the politically-motivated assault he is under, then further his political movement to evict the establishment that rejected the majority of voters along with him. That would give his raging supporters a constructive way to direct their rage. The Washington worms would be wise to leave him alone if he does, lest things get even worse than Washington’s overuse of Delphi technique has already made them. However, that presumes we are in ordinary times, which we are not. Likelihood of “politics as usual” decreases with each news headline. Remember, Trump is full of surprises.

Our times are unprecedented. Banning millions of Twitter and Facebook users from following a president—even in his lame duck days—is like trying to stop the Mississippi River with a paper mache dam. It only creates a new and unpredictable river. Newsmax and Gab sure are making money, perhaps they are the real conspirators. This unabashed censorship and the Republican disdain for its own base indicates power mongers who fear something the public doesn’t know yet, but are convinced the public will soon learn anyway. Likelihood is high for martial law, followed by a new political party to rise, along with the return of another public figure betrayed by the RNC—Sara Palin.

We’ve seen angry Democrat-voter protests. Now, we will see what happens when the Republican base is enraged—something the political class undermined more than we thought. We don’t need to prove an election was fraudulent; we need to prove that each election wasn’t. In this election, proving fraud would be easier than proving accuracy. The Republican Party had a mandate to undo doubtful election results from its voters. They Constitutionally and legally ignored those voters, not knowing they ended their political futures when they did.

So, the greatest danger Trump posed from the beginning is no longer a threat: The Republican Party will not gain trust from Trump’s work done too well. The new danger is that treachery of the legislature often gives rise for the executive to declare martial law. If Trump is conspiring instead of merely salvaging, then the RNC and DNC are in on it too. If not, then those parties are the conspiracy. If Trump is bad, neither party is the solution. At least people are now awake to the depth of American treachery. The problem lies within political parties, locked in a charade like Chris and Ian pretending to be Saruman and Gandalf in a wizard dual. The DNC and RNC are not enemies; they are friends playing enemies on stage. Now, the Republican voters know. The Democratic voters will figure it out in a few years. The third party is on its way.


Trump Plans Defiant Final Week as Many Democrats Urge His Ouster // MSN News

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Encore of Revival: America, November 30, 2020

Left wing and Right wing voters are worlds apart.

The Left are adamant and energized; the Right are as quiet and introspective as America was after Pearl Harbor. The Left believe they have already won an election that hasn’t finished; the Right are determined to prevent certain outcomes at any cost. The Left believe that asserting claims that the election is over makes it so; the Right know that results and actions make a thing so. The Right believe Trump acts like he holds a royal flush and will soon bust “the bold move”; the Left think Trump is already neutralized and acts like he’s lost. The Left are not armed and trained; the Right have been for eons. The Left know the Right will be angry, but think themselves more powerful; the Right know how dangerous the Left are in riots, yet quietly understand that they themselves would be the more formidable in conflict.

But, the biggest difference is their understanding of sowing and reaping: The Left do not understand how wealth, tax dollars, strength, peace, victory, and justice are cultivated, but take these for granted; the Right know how these are cultivated and that these will cease without correct action. Biden should not be selecting a cabinet for his evermore doubtful presidency; he should be making his seemingly dubious election look less dubious for when it is challenged in court. But not understanding sowing and reaping, Biden and his Left supporters take his victory for granted just as they do tax revenue; the Right know better and are putting their effort where it will make the difference.

News companies, such as CNN, use descriptive terms like “unfounded conspiracy theories” and “insidious claims” in reporting accusation of election fraud. But, these terms imply verdict and opinion, having no place in reporting of mere facts and claims prior to court rulings. The Right see that; the Left don’t see the difference. A cross-industry attempt at pushing an agenda is unabashed. The Right feel backed into a corner, believing if they concede this election, there will be no fair elections in the future and that the cost of civil war to restore elections will only increase with time, so they feel compelled to action now; the Left think the Right are not any threat worth notice.

The Right view claims of fraud as plausible and worth investigating; the Left already think the claims are a hoax because they don’t understand how accurate investigation works. While the Right reflectively wait for evidence to be shown in court, they see a Left wing agenda that would sow the seeds of destruction which Left wing voters don’t believe will happen. Biden’s decisions would give rise to Eastern communism and Middle Eastern terrorism, as happened with Obama; the Right think so and the Left do not because the Left do not understand how global results are created. The Right will rise up with its various powers to successfully stop Biden’s decisions—one way or another, preferably peacefully—, but the Left do not believe the Right can succeed because the Left do not understand how conflicts are waged and won.

The Right created their own enemies on the Left by refusing to give justice to problems they would not acknowledge. They have not punished “bad cops” enough to restore faith in law enforcement, yet they demand action to restore faith in elections. The Right are competent, but selective with justice; the Left fail at things when refused help and fail more at things they try on their own because they don’t know how things work. Both are being conditioned for genocidal thoughts against the other; one is stronger, the other only thinks it is. While the long term danger is an over reverence for a fake Republican party, which cares nothing for the values of its base, a more immanent dilemma is before us. America cannot deal with its own national transgressions if it is taken over by foreign communists and foreign terrorists who are far more unjust in every way. We are in a conflict of competence—the need for policies that will build rather than destroy, even if selective in its justice; only one group understands that, the other only sees injustice.

One way or another, Biden and Harris will not get their way, but they don’t know that—they can’t know that. Fortunately, there are those who do.


Trump was convinced election night would be a repeat of 2016: Report // Business Insider

Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe // AP

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Fot what?
Pardons: Trump probably can’t pardon himself. He may still try // CNN

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‘TRUMP WILL WIN’ President Trump Legal Team Hearing On Pennsylvania Ballots | NewsNOW From FOX // YouTube @ NewsNOW from FOX

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‘Fantasy world’: Pompeo knocks Biden administration picks as out of touch on foreign policy // Politico

Still asserting “no evidence” prior to court rulings
Opinion: It’s time to stand behind election results and move on // Detroit News


Supreme Court ruling doesn’t have ‘any practical effect,’ Cuomo says // Politico

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Bernstein names 21 Republican senators who privately expressed contempt for Trump // Guardian

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Mystery metal monolith vanishes from Utah desert // Guardian


Encore of Revival: America, November 23, 2020

Friday, Sidney Powell said she will present legal evidence in court within two weeks. Her claims of evidence and testimony for vote fraud far surpass the never-proven claims of the Russianewsgategate scandal. The catch is in the process; evidence in serious court cases is best presented first in court, not first to the press. While interviews and lists of court rulings surface, we can’t know the truth of her claims one way or another, yet. Only two weeks will tell.

In the meanwhile, things look grim for anti-Trumpists. While Trump plays golf and Powell behaves as if her claims are the most legit they can be, Giuliani made a statement that Powell is not officially on the Trump legal team per se. Why play golf and clarify that the loudest voice of defense is not on your team? Trump’s actions are not those of the Democrats who lost in 2016 nor Bush who lost in 1992. Whatever he’s up to, it looks like he is playing it cool with a royal flush in his hand. Whether Trump and Powell are bluffing remains to be seen, but they haven’t folded. And, their actions are not those of a loser; Democrats and mainstream media think they are.

Far more important than Trump winning in court are the developments within the Republican base. They are irate with the Republican Party’s inaction. Perhaps the RNC hopes to manipulate them into support for Powell’s “big reveal” at the end; they are irate nonetheless. They are a quiet people, not always prone to shout for Trump at every moment. And, they are fierce when roused to wrath. More than these, they have a strange love for each other.

The Sunflower students who took Taiwan’s Legislature in 2014 had the same mutual love, and with it came “political electricity”. Nothing could stop them.

Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties can ignore their respective bases. The DNC is doing the will of its base, even in what Powell portrays as an attempt to, more or less, institute a nation-wide political machine. Democratic voters still support their party. Neither the DNC nor its base can accept a Trump victory.

The Republican base cares nothing for the Republican Party, but they will not accept a Trump loss either. They differ from the DNC base, however, in their calmness and strange, mutual love. Democratic voters will be furious and dangerous; Republican voters will be deadly. Both are being conditioned for genocidal thoughts against the other. Republican voters would win that brawl. The least destructive solution is that Powell calmly wins her case in court and the RNC takes supportive action accordingly, but post-election months still won’t be fun.


Analysis: Notoriously noisy president goes (relatively) quiet in wake of election defeat // SF Gate

New York authorities investigating millions in tax write-offs from the Trump Organization // CNN


Sidney Powell: Will Prove Case ‘Within Next Two Weeks’ in Court //

The official statement on Sidney Powell:
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Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Covid-hit Texas // CNN



Encore of Revival: America, November 16, 2020

Elections are not decided by news desks. They are decided by the electoral college, which meets in mid December. Electors sent there are chosen by the State based on election results certified by each State. If an election is in doubt, the decision goes to State legislatures, pursuant to the Electoral Count Act (1887) and a Supreme Court interpretation from Bush v Gore (2000).

Judges don’t decide whether election results are certifiable; State legislatures do. The burden is not on the Trump campaign to prove vote fraud to judges. The burden is on the polling stations to prove there was no fraud to State legislatures.

Right now, five key states are in severe doubt concerning polling credibility: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. Republicans control the legislatures of all five. And, Trump just backed McDaniel to continue as RNC chair. Perhaps she will have some sway over those Republican legislatures.

Republicans don’t have an option. Gross suspicions of election cheating have caused the Republican base to turn away from Fox News to Newsmax. News networks wouldn’t call Georgia or North Carolina, even though it looked long past the time it seemed reasonable. To Republicans, this is a conspiracy to institute nation-wide political machines, which they can’t accept. In their minds, if they let Democrats steal this election, there will be no more fair elections, and the only way to escape would be an armed revolution. There is no scenario in which the Republican base allows Trump to lose. If Trump gave in, they would turn against him also.

Democratic voters aren’t about to tuck tail and turn. Emboldened by a news industry, that insists on its own ability to declare an election outcome, the DNC base only builds for greater disappointment. They don’t have the power to decide disputed elections, but they think they do. They haven’t already won, but they think they have. Note cautiously, the media does not hope to sway the election outcome, but to sway a revolt for when Trump inevitably wins—a revolt from, of all people, the gun haters.

In order for Trump to lose, he would have to bow out, then Republican voters would take up arms and the RNC, seen as an obstruction, would be dissolved by its base. When he does win, Democrats voters will riot. In either scenario, we are looking at martial law in the coming weeks and months.

But, the question remains: Why was there such gross election ambiguity specifically in states with Republican-controlled legislatures? It’s almost as if the entire election controversy were staged. But, the reason remains yet to be seen, unless the answer is: China.


Trump Faces Legal Cases After White House Departure // WSJ

Trump CFO’s Family Tax Records Reviewed by New York Authorities // MSN News


Cruz insists Trump ‘still has a path to victory,’ vote count lawsuits could ‘easily’ reach Supreme Court // Fox News

Rudy Giuliani says Trump will not concede election // CBS News

BUSH v. GORE // Cornell Law School

The law is clear: If an election is stolen State legislature can restore the will of the people //

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Still this nareative, no mention of vote fraud reports
Donald Trump’s ‘dictator moves’ spark growing alarm as he denies election defeat // CNN

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Thomas poses mask mandate question during Supreme Court ACA hearing // NBC News

Supreme Court Justice Alito weighs in on Pennsylvania mail-in ballot case // NBC News

Justice Alito: Mail-in ballots received after Election Day in Pennsylvania must be kept separate // Fox News

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News Media, Journalism & Free speech

Glenn Greenwald tears into media, Schiff, other Dems for dismissing Hunter Biden controversy // Fox News

Tucker Carlson SLAMS His Own FOX Network after they Hit ROCK Bottom with their Election Coverage // YouTube @ The Next News Network

Trump eyes starting his own digital media empire to take on Fox News // Axios

Newsmax TV: Trump voters are flocking to a channel that claims Biden is not president-elect // CNN

Fox News cuts away from Trump campaign briefing over election fraud claims // YouTube @ The Sun

Human Rights, Civil Liberties & Privacy

One in 11 black residents were evicted from the Seattle area since 2004, researchers say // KUOW-NPR

Science, Weather & Health

US Coronavirus: Expert predicts US could soon hit 200,000 daily cases as the country tops 10 million infections // CNN


Thanksgiving 2020: How to say no in the name of Covid // CNN

San Francisco, long hailed for beating COVID-19, now faces a spike in cases // Yahoo News

Chicago issues stay-home ‘advisory,’ 10-person limit on social gatherings // Chicago Sun Times


Encore of Revival: America, November 9, 2020

America faces a reckoning. The same quiet giant that awoke at Pearl Harbor and 9/11 now wakes inside the Republican voter base. They rise to stop a problem they created for themselves, still without admitting it. While Republicans will win this round, both sides are right and wrong, and this won’t be the final round.

Blacks have not received justice from police killings—which should be at the rate of zero. Republicans could have solved the problem by a simple law: what happened to George Floyd should result in death by public hanging for both police officers in a public square within one week of the incident. Republicans could have rammed through such a law—just like they rammed through the approval of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Both would have been good; they only did one.

Democratic voters can’t win this one—not because they aren’t in the White House, but because of the difference in battle cries. Democrats have been protesting for years, then many have been looting and rioting in their name. Republicans are weary. Calling to defund police rather than immediately reform can’t solve the problem and was never going to garner respect. Republican voters won’t allow a mob to burn the neighborhood to the ground because of murders on the loose. Republicans refused to stop the murders because none of their families were victims, yet. That would have stopped the mob. Democrats won’t trust them.

So, Republicans have a calm, cool, apathetic irritation toward the extremists on the Democratic end. Patrick Elkins, also at the Times, calls them “Ravens”. Democrats cry victim, then pour gas on the flames of the duplex next door.

Indeed, the nation wreaks of mass voter fraud from Democrats. Former and disenfranchised Democratic Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich said election fraud was common among Democrats in cities. That may not indicate Democratic ethics, just that both Democratic ideals and political machines seem attracted to cities, allowing the DNC to get practiced and build up a habit. The media is in on it, sending now-proven wrong polls before the election, now forecasting a Biden victory on an election to be decided in court. Fake news coupled with vote fraud is all part of how political machines work. They thought they’d get away with it on a national level. They were wrong.

Republicans are in the wrong for failing to be Good Samaritans to Blacks. They didn’t stop systemic injustice because they don’t see it themselves—they can’t; but Westerners see systemic injustice in Taiwan. We can only see systemic injustice when it happens to us personally. That has injured and insulted the minorities Democrats promise and fail to help.

However justified, crying victim and marching to burn down the neighborhood cannot prevail against an aloof, collected, apathetic giant who stays laced when roused to wrath. That giant rose against Japan to stop Germany; now it’s rising against the Democratic political machine, but that doesn’t make it Jesus Christ. He’s not back yet, if you haven’t read the news.


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Encore of Revival: America, September 21, 2020

Justice Ginsburg is dead at 87, God rest her soul. Her life’s work is well documented in the litany of eulogies from this past weekend. This article will not attempt to add to them.

Whenever a seat opens on the Supreme Court, the nation enters the same debate with the same platitudes. Depending on who is and is not in control of the White House and the Senate, different people argue different platitudes. In 1992, then Senator Joe Biden argued what is today called the “Biden Rule”, that supreme justices should not be appointed during an election season. Republicans didn’t agree. Then President George HW Bush appointed a justice anyway, along with many other federal judges. The Democrat-controlled Senate, and the Judiciary Committee chaired by Biden, refused to even hold hearings on HW Bush appointees. But, their refusal was not limited to the 1992 election year; Biden applied his “Biden Rule” in 1991.

Then, in 2016, Biden opposed Republicans following the “Biden Rule”. He wanted Obama to appoint a justice for the Republican Senate to approve. Suddenly, Republicans agreed with the “Biden Rule” and Biden did not.

Now, a Republican president can appoint a justice for a Republican Senate to approve; but some Republican Senators think they should follow Biden’s rule. Democrats would never follow Biden’s rule if they had the White House and the Senate; we only expect this from Republicans.

Let’s cut with the platitudes and pretentious precedents already. Politicians choose judges because they can. Just how the court always rules in favor of the court—on every case, making whichever ruling reasserts the power of the court—the Senate always votes in favor of the Senate and the White House always acts in favor of the White House.

As with HW Bush and Obama, President Trump will appoint a new justice. The Senate will drag its feet, pretend to serve the will of the people, and play other games to remind Washington that the Senate has power to approve court nominees.

While branches of government put their power on exhibition, the Far Left is resorting to chaos and lawlessness as its display of power. That will only embolden the Right to vote in more Republicans, who will be all too glad to give Trump and his successors the very power he hasn’t used, which the Left nonetheless fears he will. Having been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as the first president in 39 years not to involve America in the very new wars the Left criticizes the Right for, their case against Trump no longer holds water.

If, by some miracle, Republicans lose the election, they will approve Trump’s nominee anyway. They’ll have to. Notwithstanding that nominee vetting often takes 70 days, the Senate will likely find an excuse to wait until after the election. It’s not so much about politics and election strategy as it is about asserting power by delaying power to expand power. Expect a Republican-appointed justice by December, no matter what political smoke blows in the meanwhile. God rest her soul, Ginsburg is dead; so is Roe v Wade.


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Encore of Revival: America, July 27, 2020

It takes two to fight. There are two Americas and half of each are choosing to fight.

As early as 2015, more than a few Obama supporters claimed that Trump spoke as did Hitler. He did not, neither in 2015 nor through 2019. But now, Trump does speak so—with the gentle, understanding, compassionate appeal to sense and patience before the bold and courageous grab. That was Hitler and FDR. And, that doesn’t prove anything. Perhaps we should say Hitler spoke as Trump, or both as FDR, because this way of speaking is necessary in troubled times, whether a leader be bad or good. Just because Hitler did a good thing to look good does not mean the good thing is not good.

But, if there were any alarm, it is ignored because of the fake alarms set off by loud radicals on the far Left, possibly about half.

Those radicals do not consider consequence. “Solving” a problem the wrong way will only make the problem worse, then deter others from attempting to solve that problem in the future. They don’t know. Ignoring laws to get a kind of so-called lawless “justice” will only breed more injustices. They don’t notice. Voting ourselves money from the taxpayer treasury bankrupts government, and government bankruptcy always leads to tyranny. They forget. Congressman Louie Gohmert cites history and notes that banning all overt racist monuments and institutions would mean banning the Democratic Party itself. They were never told. A false alarm will cause people to ignore real alarms. They never cared. If there ever were a time for alarm, it is now every bit as much as abuse has drowned out the alarms.

Qualified immunity of the police has been abused and must be reformed—it will be, there is no question of whether, only how. Either it will be abandoned, reformed, or riots will excuse martial law. But, police will not enjoy the protections they abused—and so-called “good” police will not enjoy the protections they  allowed other police to abuse. Even the good cops let the corruption linger and fester. Change in police is inevitable, one way or another. The preferred solution to our police problem is the State-trained militia, but that requires people to think on their own.

Still, many defend police qualified immunity. If federal, state, and county governments were to increase accountability for police to qualify for immunity, there would be fewer riots and most police wouldn’t want to quit their jobs. But, if there is no qualified immunity reform through the legislative process, we will go down the road of riots and martial law.

As bad as martial law is, and as much as Trump made the final decision, no one supported martial law as much as those who justified it by creating the need—lawless, policeless idealists on the Left, possibly about half. As much as dissent against police threatens the peace, no one supported anti-police movements as much as good police who didn’t rise up to confront corruption among their coworkers. Each side of America’s divide creates excuses for the other. It seems like conspiracy, but we can’t be sure yet.

We will know whether there is a Trump conspiracy by whether Trump loses the general election. If he does, he can dispute it, thus enraging the lawless on the far Left to rationalize even more martial law. A simple, straight election victory would not be so inflammatory and would indicate Trump has no takeover conspiracy. Having kept campaign promises and being the incumbent, Trump must win; it is historical gravity. If he lost, it would have been on purpose.

No one helped Trump get elected as much as Obama. No one helped Obama get elected much as Bush Jr.—and Bush Jr., Clinton—and Clinton, Bush Sr. On it goes as America divides and fights with itself. Both sides are responsible, fars on Right and Left—those who don’t think for themselves, possibly about half each. Some are learning to think, whether Left or Right; they are not the problem, possibly about half each.


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Encore of Revival: America, July 20, 2020

America is facing a crisis. Powerful forces with big money pull the strings. Had they pulled the strings differently, the world might not be in the situation it is in. Look at the Gates Foundation funding of the World Health Organization. What kind of sway was squandered in that influence?

While an epidemic that seemed to be passing resurges, Democratic voters turn to government guidelines while Republican voters turn to the Republican party. People are distracted with solving the current crisis, in a strong struggle over how.

Meanwhile in Washington, Senator Biden toys with the idea of removing the Senate rule allowing the filibuster—that would require only 51 Senate votes for most laws to pass instead of 60. With Americans—from both sides of the political schism—turning to government to solve today’s problems, a powerful Senate could become the most dangerous tool in the world.

As for Trump’s re-election, we see a massive push from Left-leaning media to paint the election as a Republican failure. Their arguments are based on what is right and reasonable from a Left wing view. But, whether correct or a matter of opinion, elections aren’t determined by what is right or wrong or reasonable; elections are determined by the popular vote. Right now, right or wrong, reported or ignored, Trump supporters are the majority.

We can’t trust surveys to say otherwise because those surveys always forecast Republican failure around this time in every election year. No Republican victory was ever reported as anything other than a surprise by the media, not even Fox News in 2016. So, if a Republican victory looks like it would be a surprise, historically speaking, that only makes it all the more likely.

Biden’s campaign is based on encouragement through difficult times and incompetence of the current president. His ads are long. Without difficult times or incompetence of the incumbent, Biden has no message. His appeals are akin to Jimmy Carter’s in the election he lost.

Trump’s campaign is built on his own competence, campaign promises he kept through laws, orders, and appointments, and resolve to continue pushing. His ads are short and sometimes censored on the internet.

The difference in the two campaigns, by itself, is enough to determine the outcome. As for the Democratic view that Trump was incompetent with the pneumoniavirus outbreak, Trump supporters blame Democratic politicians, Bill Gates, and China. They fear as much as Democratic voters, and they have their reason to keep their Republican vote unchanged. The epidemic doesn’t change votes, it only increases how adamant voters are on not changing their votes.

Unlike Republican voters, Democrat voters know the issues to address, but they don’t know how things happen in the world. So, the inevitable Trump victory in November will surprise them. Then, they will go into rage and possible riots. The Senate could grab for power as could China.

In tough times, people awaken. These are tough times. We will get through them. But, it won’t be smooth sailing.


Even Donald Trump knows he is in deep, deep trouble in the 2020 race // CNN


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Encore of Revival: America, July 13, 2020

In the Supreme Court ruling on Congress’ subpoena of the president, everyone claims the ruling was in their favor. Democratic members of Congress point out the court’s statement that one branch is not above the law. Trump points out the court’s decision to return the pro-subpoena decision of a lower court decision as unfinished homework. The subpoena will not go into effect before the end of the session of Congress that ordered it. Trump is accused by the media of a meltdown for saying so and Democrats call their defunct subpoena a victory.

What in the Hill is going on? In the court’s decision to return the incomplete ruling, Chief Justice Roberts briefly quoted Hamilton from Federalist No. 71. Consider a fuller quote:

The representatives of the people, in a popular assembly, seem sometimes to fancy that they are the people themselves, and betray strong symptoms of impatience and disgust at the least sign of opposition from any other quarter; as if the exercise of its rights, by either the executive or judiciary, were a breach of their privilege and an outrage to their dignity. They often appear disposed to exert an imperious control over the other departments; and as they commonly have the people on their side, they always act with such momentum as to make it very difficult for the other members of the government to maintain the balance of the Constitution.

This is a problem as ancient as legislatures themselves. Congress can’t skip process when giving a subpoena, even to a president, anymore than one can be immune from a subpoena, even the president. Both tried, both failed, but only Congress lost something of substance. This Congress will end before a decision is reached and there will be no tax records shown before the election. Still, Congressional Democrats delusionally declared victory. What Hamilton described in Congress may be called “narcissistic rage” by psychologists today.

As seen in response to the pneumoniavirus, Democrats think that crippling the economy and forcing dependace on the State will boost their popularity. But, such measures wouldn’t be needed if Democrats were as popular—and Trump were as unpopular—as the media touts them to be. Given their apparent view of the world, this makes perfect sense.

Neither party in Congress speaks for the worldview of any large portion of the people. Republicans in Congress are largely elitist; the vast majority of their voters are not. Democrats in Congress speak for a small segment of their own votership as well—those few who are anti-life, who fear everything, whose action unchecked would kill everything, who nonetheless fear that anything could kill them, and who believe that everyone else thinks the same.

This is interesting because the psychological behavior of “projecting” one’s own view onto others is a trait of Narcissistic Disorder. Thankfully, they are not the majority they think themselves to be, not even within their own party. It is ironic timing that psychology journals are reporting a condition being called “PTBO”, where people who are easily offended are clinically proven less effective in the workplace. We don’t need to say which political ideology the affected group of that study would likely fall into. Week by week, an ever greater majority of America wakes up to the insanity of Capitol Hill.


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The Isles

China ‘trying to influence elite figures in British politics’, dossier claims // Sky News


Encore of Revival: America, June 15, 2020

America faces a new kind of reconciliation. Democrat voters in Seattle have decided that government can be overbearing. Usually, that was a patent held by Republican-voting Conservatives. A group of citizens expected the government to obey their desires, another idea Conservatives faced opposition for. And, the news media falsely claims that this group in Seattle wants to become a separate nation and erase all borders. Usually, slander from the media was an honor reserved for Conservatives.

Things have reversed.

If a group of people have bad beliefs, the best way to survive those beliefs is to have those beliefs known so they can be rebutted fair and square. Listening is a vital part of proving someone wrong. The nation has a lot of growing up to do.

Democrat voters and Republican voters hold this in common more now than ever: refusal to listen. Republican voters believe that if a group in Seattle has an opinion, they are automatically wrong and therefore shouldn’t be heard nor should any claim of what they say be confirmed. Likewise, Democrat voters think if Trump says something, he is automatically wrong and anyone who says otherwise should be ignored without checking facts.

We have much more in common than we thought. But, the mutual refusal to listen tells us that fighting will only increase. Peace only comes to those who want it. Perhaps, the troubles our voluntarily deaf ears create will drive us to want to not fight more than we want to not listen—maybe.


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