Encore of Revival: America, April 5, 2021

So much for competency. An infrastructure bill is good, but look at the border. A president changes. Presidential policy changes. Then, chaos erupts at the border. Some people can’t figure out the cause.

In the George Floyd murder case, doctors can’t agree on the cause of death—the State can’t even agree on the cause of death. Outrage! But, no one should question the cause of death for COVID deaths. Perhaps if George Floyd had COVID at the time, doctors would have declared it a COVID death, then no one would be able to question it.

In the Trayvon Martin case, prosecution sabotaged their own case by pursuing premeditated murder rather than thoroughly building a case for manslaughter. Since manslaughter was only mentioned as an afterthought in the final moments of the trial, the jury of six ladies couldn’t convict. Who knows what kind of other nonsense will surface in the George Floyd murder trial.

So, we can’t agree on the cause of chaos at the border. We can’t agree on the cause of death with George Floyd. We can’t even figure out that a Florida toxic waste reservoir is in disrepair. Apparently we want things to get worse before we make things better.


Donald Trump uses new website to rewrite history of his presidency // Guardian

Scandal, Graft & White Collar Crime

Florida’s DeSantis, ’60 Minutes’ clash over COVID vaccine rollout // Axios

News Media, Journalism & Free speech

Glenn Greenwald Robbed at Gunpoint // Mediaite

Foreigners & International Relations


Security & Public Safety

U.S. Capitol Police officer dies after attacker rammed car into checkpoint; suspect also dead // NBC News

Cause of death at issue in Chauvin trial as prosecution questions medical examiner’s findings // MSN News

Markets, Economy & GDP

Here’s what’s in Biden’s infrastructure proposal // CNN

Science, Weather & Health

Florida declares state of emergency as reservoir with millions of gallons of ‘contaminated, radioactive wastewater’ leaks // CBS News


Encore of Revival: America, March 15, 2021

The Court always rules in favor of the Court. When Chief Justice Roberts dissented against the other eight, he ruled against the court to preserve order in the Court. In this case, the students suing over free speech censorship probably don’t want to allow a private settlement to enable it to happen again. The concern at stake was whether the court can decide a real lawsuit after the basis is settled, but the injured party files suit for $1 anyway. Thomas thinks that $1 makes it real. Roberts doesn’t want judges giving opinions on problems that don’t exist—a judicial practice called “advisory opinion” that expired over 200 years ago. The problem is that this case is real, but it was privately resolved, thus the basis disappeared before the court had opportunity to rule.

The result is that anyone can sue anyone for $1 and SCOTUS could hear the case. That certainly favors the Court’s expanded abilities. The Court always rules in favor of the Court.

Europe isn’t happy about COVID-19 vaccines or the predicted third wave. Americans aren’t happy about how Democratic Governors Whitmer and Cuomo handled the pandemic. If nothing else, someone could sue them each for $1 and a Republican-appointed SCOTUS would get to decide their fates.


Supreme Court: Bad GOP lawyering may have just saved the Voting Rights Act // Vox


Voting rights fight could move Democrats to finally end the filibuster // Yahoo News

More Democrats Join Effort to Abolish the Filibuster // NY Times

Pressures grows on Biden to take on the filibuster // WA Post

Washington as Usual


Cuomo defiant as top New York lawmakers call on him to quit // AP


Trump says he’ll campaign against Murkowski in Alaska next year // CNN

Trump sends cease-and-desist letters to GOP campaign committees // NBC News

CPAC: Trump targets Republicans like Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell // USA Today

Violence, Radicalism & Terrorism

Boulder party on the Hill: Police looking to make arrests // NBC 9 Boulder

Security & Public Safety

Minneapolis on edge as the first officer charged in killing of George Floyd goes on trial // MSN News

Markets, Economy & GDP

China is sounding the alarm about a global market bubble // CNN

The Isles

Meghan Markle says she was ‘suicidal’ in bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry // Daily Mail


Encore of Revival: America, March 1, 2021

Trump is back in favor with the party that stabbed him in the back, and Washington is back to business as usual. I only took a month.

The latest porkulous bill, proposed at $1.9T, is being delayed. Democrats in Congress want to use budget reconciliation to double minimum wage across the nation. Rules of the Senate say “probably not”, though the vice president has the final say on rules, but two Democrats in the Senate also disagree, giving them the last say that matters. Without this theater on minimum wage, the porkulus lawmaking process would go more quickly, Americans would get their measly $1,400 more quickly, and other people would get bigger checks more quickly.

The Senate’s requirement of 60 votes to pass a bill is meant to protect the minority. Now, Democrats in Congress call this tyranny from the minority. Since when did Democrats side against minorities?

And, since when did Republicans in Congress support Trump? Why would Conservative voters trust the party that ignored their wishes at state legislatures?

America is past the point of insanity. Conservative and Liberal voters agree on so many things. But, they only use petty differences to scorn whoever sits opposite the fence. They never try to win peace or persuasion to overcome the many problems on which they agree. Now that the RNC has an enemy to complain about, and now that they can pretend to support the president they wouldn’t defend from dubious election stations, Republicans on Capitol Hill are as happy as pigs in their own poop. But, some Americans are waking up to what’s going on. Some are awake.


Pence speaks highly of Trump in meeting and plans to launch a political group // CNN

Washington as Usual

State & Local

Whitmer Wants You To Buy Michigan As She Buys Wisconsin // WBCK 95.3 Battle Creek

Liquor license suspensions upheld for 8 violators of Michigan’s dine-in ban //


LIVE: Former President Trump speaks at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, FL | NewsNOW from FOX // YouTube @ NewsNOW from FOX

A Day Before He Speaks, Conservative Gathering Is Mostly About Trump // NY Times

McConnell says he’ll ‘absolutely’ support Trump in 2024 if he’s the GOP nominee // CNN

Violence, Radicalism & Terrorism

Capitol rioter’s lawyers call him ‘very naive,’ argue for his release // The Hill

Soc Media, Cybersecurity & Tech

California Judge Allows State’s Net Neutrality Law to Go Into Effect // Hollywood Reporter


Say it is impossible, okay…
Mars Is a Hellhole // The Atlantic

Music & Entertainment

Tom MacDonald – ‘Clown World’ // YouTube @ Tom MacDonald


Those who (don’t) forget // Berliner Zeitung (Germany)

The Isles

Harry and Meghan to leave royal life for good says Buckingham Palace // YouTube @ BBC News

Meghan and Harry blindsided The Queen with Oprah interview // Daily Mail


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 28, 2020

Anymore, it’s not only bad news about China, but continued action in both military and trade. The pressure Washington puts on Beijing keeps finding new ways to keep turning up. Sanctions continue to increase. Military attention rises. And, Japan puts pressure on Biden to decry the “aggressive China”, calling Taiwan the next, likely target.

Just the same, Taiwan continues as the poster boy, especially with the pandemic China takes the blame for. Just when the Chinese government thinks they get a break, the opposition simply moved and grew. Western powers have effectively sneaked up on the Chinese, whose policies isolate them from the experience necessary to understand Western thinking. Western news audiences are being conditioned to support military action against China, no matter which party advocates it. As news watchers, we must see this trend as it has snowballed over the last decade. The Western world is moving toward war against China as Russia remains safely out of the spotlight.

Trade & Tech

Alibaba U.S.-Listed Shares Tumble Most Ever on China Monopoly Probe // Bloomberg

US restrictions on SMIC will strike at the heart of China’s advanced chipmaking ambitions // CNN


Singaporean woman faces execution in China as family launches last desperate appeal // CNN

China forces firms like Alibaba to process stolen US data: Report // Business Insider


IHF praises Taiwan’s virus response // Taipei Times

Taiwan imposes new regulations after first Covid case since April // Guardian

China aircraft carrier sails through Taiwan Strait a day after US warship // SCMP

Military Faceoff

Report on Navy Laser, Railgun and Gun-Launched Guided Projectiles // USNI News


Encore of Revival: America, December 28, 2020

Trump signed the $600 stimulus bill, but with a “rescission” order. In other words, he is forcing Congress to discuss and deliberate on spending certain items or else the bill won’t become law for another 45 days.

Trump’s method is ingenious, though many worms in Washington wrongly project their own motives of immaturity or ego. After all the squawk Trump gave about $2,000 checks, the people expect more money and Congress has an easy way to give more money. Either way, many Democratic voters will thank Trump. If the bill is not revised to give Americans more money, Congress will become very unpopular. Violence only increases; consider Nashville. At a time when Congress may need to choose the president due to a failed electoral college, Congress needs popularity anywhere it can get it.

Yes, Congress may indeed end up choosing the president. Senators and representatives from any of 18 likely states could easily dispute the electoral college. Then the Senate, led by the man running for Vice President, would oversee the discussion. If discussion delays, the electoral college fails and is no longer relevant. Senators and state delegates in the House, both dominant Republicans, would then have to choose Trump and Pence to avoid political suicide. With Trump having played his recent popularity game over the economic stimulus, things seem to trend in that direction.

Thanks to Trump, Congress has the power to increase spending and choose Trump as the next president, and Congress has such a mandate from the people. But, historically, consider the factor of surprise. History is always full of surprises and unexpected victories. By the expectations of conventional wisdom, which usually leads people to be surprised by reality, Biden’s victory seems too non-surprising not to not happen.


Trump’s grievances leave Americans in need in limbo // CNN

Americans suffer at Christmas while Trump golfs and sows chaos // CNN

Powell says White House aides won’t let her help Trump // The Hill


Trump: ‘maybe the next administration will be me,’ denies election results // Business Insider

Radical Extremism & Terrorism

Sources refer to Nashville explosion as ‘suicide bombing,’ feds explore possible 5G motive // Fox Nashville

Soc Media, Cybersecurity & Tech

Biden team calls out Twitter over plan to wipe White House accounts’ followers // CNN


Trump signs massive measure funding government, COVID relief // AP

Like magic
The drug that gives ‘instant immunity’ to coronavirus? UK trials new antibody therapy // Daily Mail

Brooklyn clinics face criminal probe over unauthorized COVID-19 vaccines // NY Post

Trump demands Congress raise second stimulus check from $600 to $2,000 under new Covid relief bill // CNBC

Trump: I Want $2,000 Stimulus Checks // Forbes


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 21, 2020

Readers still can’t get a break from bad news of China. More Chinese companies are added to the notorious “entities list”. The WHO sends a team to China, which isn’t exactly wonderful press. China is the biggest military threat. The US Navy along with the Coast Guard must reshape its strategy to protect against the Chinese. Trump even blames the Chinese for a recent cyber attack.

As China continues in headlines as the villain, Taiwan is evermore adorable. The Taiwanese plan to become their own military supplier and submarine maker, not as much dependent on the US. They hope to get so many awesome weapons of their own, other nations will want to buy weapons from the Taiwanese, who can defend themselves against the great China, after all. As if that’s not enough to irritate Beijing, Washington will start calling Taiwan’s not-embassy by “Taiwan” instead of “Taipei Economic and Cultural”.

But, how serious is Taiwan about its own defense? While Washington cozies up to Taiwan with somewhat more, semi-respectful names, America’s envoy to Taiwan is still called “American Institute in Taiwan”. And, as much as Taiwan claims to want technology and good relations with other nations, xenophobic immigration laws are still on the books. Immigrants to Taiwan vs immigrants from Taiwan have a much more difficult path and the ratios are insultingly low. Very few Westerners can contribute to Taiwan’s economy, technology, and goal of English as a second official language with these unchanged restrictions in Taiwan’s immigration policies. Nearly all changes in Taiwan and in Washington go little beyond symbolic.

Washington is mostly talk. Taiwan is too ambivalent to love actually. And, Beijing is easily insulted. The trends aren’t subtle anymore. They used to be five years ago, but they’re just not subtle anymore—quite the opposite.


HK might cut off student exchanges // Taipei Times

Trade & Tech

US to blacklist dozens of Chinese firms including SMIC, sources say // Fox Business


Chinese drone maker says products to remain on sale despite U.S. restriction // Yahoo News

Zoom executive in China charged with disrupting Tiananmen videoconference commemorations // MarketWatch

Trump breaks his silence on huge cyber attack and says China may be responsible not Russia // Daily Mail

Macron infected; China to admit WHO team // Taipei Times

Revealed: China suspected of spying on Americans via Caribbean phone networks // Guardian

The Ghosts Who Haunt the South China Sea // The Atlantic


US warship sails through Taiwan Strait // Taipei Times

Taiwan wants Cathay Pacific to correct wording on documents // Taiwan News

Taiwan’s planned submarine fleet could forestall a potential Chinese invasion // CNN

US lawmakers call to rename TECRO // Taipei Times

Taiwan might be arms supplier: Tsai // Taipei Times


China-Australia trade tension: How Beijing will derail Canberra in 2021 //

Military Faceoff

US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard unveil maritime strategy // Naval Today

New Naval Strategy Zeroes in on China as Biggest Long-Term Threat to the US //


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 14, 2020

Hit pieces against China are coming out as if from an avalanche. More dangerous, they are coupled with Western plans of military expansion in China’s back yard. From Xinjiang teens to disappearing journalists to Australian wine to spies in America to colleges—to a global virus pandemic—Western readers have no rest from bad news of China.

The equation has been there and in play. America’s election appears stolen to 75% of Republican voters and 30% of Democrats. Elections require agreement on results in order to function. Lack of agreement on a trustworthy election is unusual as it is staggering. That’s a mandate for Trump to take drastic action, deny Biden’s inauguration, and take measures to remain in office that can’t avoid national inflammation.

As inevitable American conflict in January comes into closer view coupled with such bad press on China, the US strategy in the West Pacific is more and more difficult to deny. China was always the perfect distraction from the mess at home. The problem is that the American populous no longer responds as usual. A national attack may not have the uniting effect it once did—at least not uniting enough to keep any president in office in the face of an election so disputed.

Taiwan continues the role as the “China virus” poster boy. The Taiwanese handle things so well, don’t they. Strict rules on breaking quarantine—punishing a foreigner with thousands in fines for walking in the hallway outside his room for eight seconds—but Taiwanese officials forgot to lock the quarantine door because the world is supposed to believe Taiwan is so careful, right?

At some point, it should become obvious that we are playing a game of charades with who is good and bad—or at least on who is how good and how bad. As China’s role is to be the common enemy for divided Americans and a divided West to unite against, China’s big mistake—over decades and to this day—was to play that role all too gladly. A shoe was made and China chose to fit it.


Britain to send largest warship, carrier strike group to Indian Ocean next year // Hindustan Times


Chinese authorities detain Bloomberg news assistant // Taiwan News

China replies over latest wine tariffs as Australia’s Trade Minister lashes out at Beijing //

Chaguan – China is doubling down in Xinjiang // The Economist

Eric Swalwell says he did not share sensitive information with suspected Chinese spy // CNN

‘Being young’ leads to detention in China’s Xinjiang region // Guardian

Pompeo warns of Chinese threat to US colleges, says many ‘basically bought’ by Beijing // Fox News

South China Sea: Beijing’s military bases in disputed waters would be very difficult to defend, report claims // CNN


Man fined $3,500 for breaking Taiwan quarantine for 8 seconds // CNN

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam faces Japan bank freeze-out as Tokyo says it will abide by US sanctions // SCMP

Exiled Hong Kong legislator calls for action after HSBC bank accounts frozen // Guardian

Military Faceoff

Navy’s Future Light Amphibious Ships Will Be Designed to Operate Off China’s Coast //

Makin Island ARG Operating in the South China Sea While Beijing Claims U.S. ‘Muscle Flexing’ // USNI News

The US Navy wants to find ships to kill using aerial drones launched from submarines // Defense News


Cadence of Conflict: Asia, May 11, 2020

China must brace itself for war. Regardless of any plot from America being true or false, how Beijing handled Wuhan—or rather mishandled—will not be overlooked by the free world. Regardless of how different governments handled the outbreak, the West will see an outbreak that wouldn’t have happened if China had followed the same forthright standards that the West does. The West thought China was on its way to following standards. But, Confucian Communism knows no standard except its own authoritarianism.

How did China get this far? There is so much in China to be desired, including the Bible-based government Dr. Sun Yat-Sen started over a century ago. Chinese medicine addresses many matters of health that elude Western pharmacy. Politeness, indirection, family, and respect—these are virtues the West could have learned from China. Except, just look at what’s happening now.

The term kowtow came from Hong Kong Cantonese. Bowing and placating the bully emboldens the bully.  · · · →