Cadence of Conflict: Asia, November 29, 2021

China faces a very serious and very real boycott at the Olympic Games. The Olympic Committee awarded China as the host country and claims that politics isn’t its business; other governments need to handle that. Boycotts are under serious consideration in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and the European Union via Lithuania. If athletes can’t compete against the countries that snatch up many of the gold medals, that pretty much reduces any remaining medalists to winning a “Nerf war”.

While the West rallies hatred against China for the political issues leading up to boycotts, few look at indications of deeper machinations. Try this on for size: the Olympic Committee didn’t ignore China’s human rights issues; China was set up for embarrassment. But because of China’s addiction to flattery, the Chinese Communist Party would never suspect for one instant that anyone who bows to their Confucian demands would do so to indict.

The swelling conflict with China was well-planned.

And, the rest of the world can’t stop lauding Taiwan more each day. This isn’t just a global trend of justice against China’s disparities. This isn’t just a human trend from Heaven’s choice to put Taiwan on the map. Trends are true, but they never tell the whole story. Powers in the West are up to something. There’s always more going on.


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Faux Report

Cheez-It Crackers Contain Highly Addictive Additive, Many Are Boycotting Product


ATLANTA, Georgia – 

Cheese lovers are boycotting the popular snack Cheeze-Its due to concerns about the addictive nature of the crackers, as well as some of the ingredients.

Cheez-It brand crackers contain the preservative TBHQ, which is made from butane and is dangerous to consume. BHQ, tertiary butylhydroquinone, is a synthetic antioxidant that is commonly used as a food preservative. TBHQ contains a butyl moiety which some consumers, with no knowledge of chemisty, fear is related to butane.

TBHQ has been banned in Japan, but the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority both classify TBHQ as a safe food additive.

Cheez-It has released a statement on its facebook page, addressing the many consumer concerns.

“Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate you sharing your concerns. These ingredients are antioxidants which prevent the food from spoiling. If you want to eat bad, stale crackers we suggest you find an ‘all-natural’ brand. We pride ourselves in the flavor and freshness of our product and add the least amount of preservatives necessary to keep our cracker from tasting like straight cheesy shit. We know some consumers are unnecessarily paranoid and are looking at a number of natural alternatives to ensure the same flavor and freshness in our foods. Good luck.”

The company maintains that the reason their crackers are so addictive is because “they’re fucking delicious, and everyone loves cheese.”

Faux Report

Florida Conservative Group Says We Need To ‘Save The Mosquitos’

MIAMI, Florida – 

As government leaders argue over funding the Zika control effort, environmentalists in Florida are campaigning to save the mosquitos. The Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC) says the attempts to control the spread of the Zika virus by decimating the mosquito population will harm the environment.

FCC representative Matt Toole says, “Saving a few babies from a life of gross mental retardation is not worth the entire collapse of the eco system. Bats, birds, and dragon flies stand to be wiped out. And don’t get me started on fish.”

One protester, desperate to make a point, was hospitalized after covering himself in bug spray and setting himself on fire.

Most other residents of Florida could not disagree more. Swamp resident Marla Jackson says she hopes they kill every last mosquito. “If just one sweet little babe is saved, I say wipe them all out. We hate those damn bugs.”