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Florida Millionaire Arrested After Authorities Discover Over 700 Bodies Buried In His Backyard

NAPLES, Florida – 

Jerry Richards, 73, was arrested this week at his home in Naples, Florida after a neighbor spotted him very obviously burying a body behind his house. When police arrested Richards, he admitted to having over 700 bodies buried throughout his property. Police have currently exhumed 587 bodies in varying stages of decay.

“Mr. Jerry Richards is likely the most prolific serial killer in history,” said Police Captain Robert Thomas of the Naples Police Department. “Based on the remains we have found so far, Richards has been murdering and burying bodies in his yard for over 35 years.”

According to public records, Richards purchased his Naples home in 1982, when he was 38-years-old. Richards came into money after his father, Carl Richards, left him a large inheritance, which he invested in both stocks and real estate. Upon his arrest, Richards net worth was well over $35 million.

Although the District Attorney believes the case to be “open and shut,” Richards has not yet stood before a judge to determine bail. With Richards’ excessive means, it’s likely he will be denied bail and forced to sit in jail awaiting sentencing. If convicted, Richards will likely be given the death penalty.

Faux Report

Man Accused of Brutally Murdering Over 400 People Finally Captured

PHOENIX, Arizona – 

Mark Sawyer, 70, has reportedly been eluding police for more than 50 years, as he has been sought in connection with a staggering 400 murders. The slayings have taken place in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam, dating back to his first accused killing in 1964 when he was just 17.

Sawyer was arrested after his current girlfriend, Denise Marvel, 60, recognized him from an old episode of the TV series Unsolved Mysteries, which was just recently added to the streaming service Amazon Prime.

“I used to love the show when it was on back in the day, and I thought I’d give it a try again. I was very, very surprised to see that my boyfriend, Mark, was wanted!” said Marvel. “I was scared, but I called the police. He killed so many people!”

Sawyer has admitted to killing 9 people in the last 6 months, but he says he can’t, for sure, admit to all 400-plus murders.

“I know I’ve killed some people, maybe 9 or 10 since last summer, but before that, everything is a blur. I mean, I can barely remember my own birthday, let alone how many people I might or might not have killed over the years,” said Sawyer. “It’s not like I kept a journal. God, at least I don’t think I did. It’s really hard getting old.”

Police say that Sawyer’s spree being brought to an end is one of the “biggest catches” any of them have ever seen. Federal databases show that most serial killers do not have such a long span of recorded crimes, and none have ever had as many connected crimes as Sawyer.

“Mark Sawyer has murdered more people than, perhaps, any serial killer in history,” said Police Chief Jesus Mendez of the Phoenix Police Department. “He definitely tops the 130 by Columbian serial killer Louis Garavito. I’m just so glad that he settled here in Phoenix, so it can be our department on record for the arrest. He’s the biggest fish we’ve ever had!”

If convicted, Sawyer will be sentenced to death.

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Serial Killer Escapes From Prison, Police Issue Warning


CARLSON, California – 

A serial killer who was being housed in a federal maximum security prison on death row has reportedly escaped, according to police. Paul Boucher, 47, was on death row for the murder and dismemberment of over 25 people from 1988 through 2001. He was arrested and convicted in 2014.

Police say that Boucher escaped via a prison laundry truck, but would not give further information for fear that other inmates may be able to use the same methods. Boucher is 47-years-old, is 6’1″ and weighs 220 pounds. He is white, and covered in tattoos on his left arm. He is considered extremely dangerous, and may be headed to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Maine, or possibly Ontario, Canada.

“This is a very dangerous situation, and Boucher is not a good person,” said police chief Mario Sampson. “He has killed at least 25 people that we know of, but claims that he has killed hundreds more. He will often grab a person, and snap their neck, and then continue to dismember them by hand. He is considered extremely dangerous, whether armed or not.”

Anyone who sees Boucher is asked to call their local police department. Police have refused to release a picture of him, saying he is “too scary,” but to call if anyone in the area fits the description.

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Serial Killer Escapes From Prison; Police Issue Warnings, Begin Nationwide Manhunt


PHOENIX, Arizona –

Police say that 45-year-old Martin Traffords escaped from the Phoenix Federal Prison in Arizona yesterday, apparently making his way past security via a laundry truck. Traffords was arrested in 2011 for the murder and dismemberment of over 30 people, all young women and girls.

“Traffords is considered extremely dangerous, even when not armed,” said Phoenix warden of prisons Joel Goldsmith. “He murdered at least 30 people, and claims he killed hundreds more, all by snapping the necks of his victims, and pulling them apart with his hands. We are asking anyone who sees Traffords to contact us immediately or call 911.”

Traffords is described as being white, approximately 6 feet tall, and 200 pounds. He has a full-sleeve tattoo of Heaven and Hell on his left arm. He may be headed to Nevada, California, Texas, Georgia, New Hampshire, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Montreal, or Ohio.

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Serial Killer Reportedly Disposed Of Over 50 Bodies Via Curbside Garbage Pick-Up


PORTLAND, Oregon –

Kyle Brenner, 50, was arrested on Friday morning after a garbage man noticed something funny in the trash in front of Brenner’s home.

“I went to lift up the trash barrel and a finger fell to the ground,” said Mark Jones, 29. “I’ve been hauling garbage for about 3 years, and I’ve seen some crazy shit end up in the trash, but that was the first time I ever saw something human fall to the ground.”

Police were called, and in the investigation, a full body was discovered, that of a woman in her late 20s who has yet to be identified. Brenner was arrested and brought up on charges of murder and improper disposal of human remains. While in police custody, Brenner admitted that he had done the exact same thing more than 50 times, and had never been caught.

“I have been kidnapping, raping, and killing young girls for longer than I can remember,” Brenner said during his police interview. “I have always disposed of them in the same way – putting them in black, Glad trash bags, and putting them on the curb for the garbage man. These women, they’re trash, so I’m just getting rid of them in the most obvious way possible.”

Brenner admits that he chose his victims based solely on size, and that the “smaller the better.”

“When it comes to my sexual preference, I don’t like children, I don’t like boys, and I don’t like animals, but anything else is fair game. When it comes to my preference in killing, I like tiny women,” said Brenner. “They can’t put up as much of a fight, and they fit better in the garbage cans. It’s just common sense, really.”

Brenner is currently being charged on 53 counts of kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder. If convicted, Brenner faces the death penalty.

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Serial Killer Leaves Saltine Crackers On White-Only Victims; Dubbed ‘Cracka-Killer’


BOSTON, Massachusetts –

The FBI is offering a reward for information leading to identification of the “Cracka-Killer,” who has nine confirmed kills, all of whom were strangled and found with a single saltine cracker placed over each eye. The Cracka-Killer is assumed to be an unmarried black man, age 28-40, who feels “wronged by the white man.” His victims have all been white men and women above age thirty, and were residents of Massachusetts and New York State.

According to John Douglas, a former chief of FBI’s serial crime unit, there are conservatively between 35 and 50 active serial killers on the loose in the US at any given time. Most do not leave such an obvious calling card.

As many tips are expected to flood in, the FBI reminds the public not to call in to report every gang member or man of color buying crackers.

Resident Jay-Rod Brown is offended that they assume it’s a black man. “It’s actually racist to assume the killer is a black man. Maybe he isn’t calling them ‘crackas,’ maybe his momma didn’t give him enough soup as a child. You never know what’s in a psycho’s mind. Or it’s some old cracka who wants to put the suspicion on someone else. That’s my theory.”